Wednesday May 25, 2022

Contracted Tesco credit cards can be very expensive, the test showed

They have a Tesco ClubCard for discounted buyers at the Czech Republic. If you don’t want to try Tesco credit card for free for a year, you can get discounts. It wasn’t free in our test. For the card insurance, pay 69 crowns per month, as stated in the contract, which he gave me.

The ClubCard loyalty card of the Tesco shopping chain for discounted buyers can only be obtained for personal data. I also received a telephone contact and received an offer.

“How would you like to get a ride in discounts?” lk voice on the phone. I will learn that I can try Tesco credit card for free for a year as a voucher of Teska customers. “And the year is only 2.19 percent. In America, credit cards are completely new, ”to the operator.

Nabdku pijmm. We want to test under what conditions the service works and whether it is in any way soft.

Hek prvn – pojitn karta prodra

The Tesco card ekm ordered for the credit agreement in the agreed term in the editorial office in vain, no one will bring it. Kind of agreed on a deadline. The deliverer has signed a signed contract.

But I find out right from the first page that credit is not free. For insurance cards mm pay 69 crowns per month. But I didn’t ask for insurance. “From my point of view, it has clearly misled consumers. If the service was guaranteed to be free of charge, the consumer cannot expect any fee to be hidden from this service, ”said Miroslav Huml, a member of the Sdruen Defense Consumer (SOS).

“We apologize for the mistaken operator. When processing enough cards, you should remove the binder option, which is set automatically. A similar mistake will not be repeated, ”responds Eva imnov, speaking to Home Credit, which provides this financial service for Tesco.

Zruit insurance cards can be made by phone. If I decide to withdraw from the contract, it is not possible only by phone. The report must be written, I will get it in all conditions.

Hek kind – contract only for young cvien eye

Dal hek is in the very heart of the contracts. It only takes me over two hours for all the contractual contracts for which I can shop with Tesco credit card and collect discount points. The three-party contract, including all terms, is written in millimeters. Just pr daj m psmenka vt.

I’ll send the contract to that specialist, Milan Odehnal. “The text is only readable for the young and the eye. Piblin 40 percent of the population under the age of 40 would peetlo this contract, with some force, ”to the head of the clinic of the University Hospital Motol. As he points out, this is an exhaustive and difficult thing for people after the age when visually impaired and the ability to focus on the eye is reduced.

“Roughly my aunt’s population should have enough of the contract and by the end, and only with the time glasses put on for those who are well focused and lit. Another thirty percent of people should be very sorry about what the contract is about, and they would definitely need the help of other people. “

Hek tet – in addition to the year also fines and sanctions

From the small text I find out and gave an important duty. It is necessary to attach a variable symbol when sending the installment. This is the wording of the contract. When I do not mention the variable confusion symbol or at all, I do not pay the installment. Five days after the due date, I will then receive an SMS to my mobile phone and a fine of 120 crowns for the reminder.

Go all the way when you pay off the debt and after a few months. I learn from the contract that for the second and each time he gave a reminder to pay 360 crowns. At the same time, the debt starts to increase by one month (2.19 percent), plus a penalty year and a contractual penalty. For example, when I owe 10 thousand crowns and 69 crowns for my card insurance, after those months the company will want to pay 11 578 crowns.

Hek tvrt – all disputes only in the decision of women

It is necessary for you to pay attention to the contractual contract wrapped in a text written in white. Any disputes will be decided by an arbitrator, specified in the contract.

According to the first person Miroslav Huml, this means that anyone who is 18 years old can be a judge, he does not even need a first distance and his decision cannot be estimated according to the day of the paragraph.

“The arbitrator is not the first member of the Czech Republic, but only the general principles of justice. It will not judge whether the letters of the contract are small and legible. The consumer will proceed as follows: you have signed the contract, the contract is valid and it is fair for you to honor it and pay the debt, ”he warns.

Text comprehensible and readable and after the New Year

For are the rules not written more clearly and legibly? “Last year, we reduced the conditions of the aunt to aunt,” defends Home Credit. “So far, we have not seen any complaints about the size of the dog,” adds Eva Karasov to Tesco sales chain.

After the New Year, the change in the level of the furnace contract will only occur. You will start to pay a new loan, which you can ring with your movie (read here). “The contract will be in the form of a brochure, the font will be enlarged and the client will have the ten longest level conditions right on the suit,” he promises.

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