Tuesday May 24, 2022

Daov piznn pro dchodce

In the tax return for 2008, they are entitled to a discount for a fee and a pensioner for the first time. And it doesn’t matter if they had income from rent, business, honor and work on agreement.

How to fill out a form

They can, like all those who pay their taxes, deduct 24,840 crowns from the calculated taxes, even if they have not worked all year.

The benefits of retirement are not reversible, thanks to large discounts, most retirees will not pay today. At zero, the tax base is not 165,600 crowns. The tax base is the amount that you get when you deduct data and deductible items from all income (years from housing to housing, gifts, life insurance, pension insurance, etc.).

When does Dan retire?

The old-age pension itself, as a pension, is exempt from taxes. But only up to 198,000 crowns a year. What does that mean? If you took my pension for not more than 16,500 crowns, you have exceeded the limit and you will have to file a tax return.

You will switch the amount, which in the last year exceeded the limit of 198,000 crowns, to Plohy 2 as the other income according to paragraph 10. You will not have the data, you can deduct deductible items and calculate 15 percent tax. You deduct a discount on the fee from the calculated tax, or you can give another discount if you have a claim on it. For example, for a dependent wife, disabled pensioner and the like. Only then will the tax come out that you will have to pay. In order to pay any tax at all from the over-limit pension, you would have to pay more than 30,300 crowns.

Retired businessman

Have you earned a living certificate? Did they simply work to retire to go as a self-employed person? Even so, it pays a lot, if you had an income of less than 15,000 crowns a year.

check on the amount of filling in Appendix 1, where you deduct the data from your business income either actually, or you can convert the double and long tax base into the length of 37 of the main formula. From there, deduct any years for housing, gifts and the like, round the tax base and multiply by 0.15 or calculate fifteen percent tax. From them, then deduct the tax rebate for a fee, or give discounts if you are entitled to it.

How to fill a piznn

If you received an author’s honor fee of up to CZK 7,000 a month, the party would have a lot of money and you will not be surprised by the tax.

Pensioner rents a property

Everyone who rents real estate and their income in the year was not 15 thousand crowns, fill out a tax return. The rent is entered in Appendix 2 as income according to paragraph 9. From the income, you can deduct the expenses either actually or at most 30 percent. If it’s for a single income (income up to 198,000 crowns a year is not required), deduct the tax and deduct the discount.

Pivdlek on agreement

If you have agreed to an agreement on the performance of work or work activities and the employer has paid a tax on the amount, you do not have to, but you can file a return yourself when you sign the so-called tax return. It pays off, especially for those who have not worked all year.

In the formula, you will state the sum of all income from the vertical activity according to paragraph 6 (this is the case, in addition to the employee contract, also work on agreement). You proceed in the same way as any other employed hunter, you can get gifts and gifts, years of living and pension connections and the like. Calculate the tax and apply a discount on the fee, or go further if you are entitled to it. If the tax is zero, or the deposit is not paid, you will receive the difference paid back.

The pensioner sold the fruit from the garden

Whoever earned you a sale of a large family of apples, or renting some things to move things, you chopping for a while, and the sum of these common income was less than 20 thousand crowns, you do not have to pay a tax.

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