Wednesday May 25, 2022

Day D: Kuchaka in traditional costume asked for those millions for an ancient mecca

Maruka from Vimperk wants to start the equivalent of American McDrives all over the country. In all Staroeskch Marukch would sell the classic specialties of potatoes and cabbage. The investor thinks of it until he understands that the businesswoman just wants to borrow from them for a five percent share of the profit. According to their company, they definitely decided.

In the first, according to the new D-Day series, the experienced chef received a costume in the costume of Marie Riedlov from Vimperk, who appeared before the investors with her husband and daughter. With them for 12 years he will visit various period markets and fairs in the Czech Republic and abroad, and in his stint he offers fast old Czech refreshments. “We show our young generations how they ate and how they prepared in the time of our grandmothers,” describes Maruka at the current business of her family business.

Maruka would like to embark on a business start with the launch of her Old Markk project, which according to them is “such an old McDrive old”. The investor demands a total of three million from the bird, from each hundred hundred thousand, for a five percent share of the profit.

“Customers will come here, order your food here at this window, pay. In this talent, you will see a replica of the ancient cuisine and such cooks in the costume, which gave them fresh food, healthy preparation of quality. At the next window, they will pick it up and take the next entrance to the parking lot, which will actually be part of this project, and you can take it easy in the comfort of your car, ”Maruka shows the investor a model of her old Czech brand.

Of course, she would not want to stay with only one construction, she would spread the countryside through the Czech countryside, to each region at least one and best on roads I. then. I can build at least patnct of them in full.

Tomio Okamura takes the floor first, Maruce praises his idea and is primarily interested in the details of the investment that Maruka is asking for. After a few minutes of clarification, Okamura learns that Marie will offer investors a 5% share of the profits from what will be generated by her first Old Maruk, into which they will invest millions of crowns.

After another discussion with investors, who submitted economic proposals, we learn that Maria’s company owns the first Old Bohemian Maruka to build her own land by the road I. between Prague and Strakonice and on it. Her project is now in the construction stage.

After a while, there will also be a tasting of ancient Czech specialties, for which Maruka has a patent. Investors can enjoy good-made preparations from basic Czech ingredients of potatoes, cabbage, garlic, smoked meat and sausages. Their names are also dazzling, such as ertk in loki (potato pancake with garlic and black sausage – ertkem) or staroesk hamb (stacked pancakes made of sauerkraut and potatoes with smoked meat and onion).

During the tasting specialties, a call could be made, especially around the required investment. “Mr. Maruko, let me understand that first. You children, you are our children, ”understand Marta Novkov as Maria’s first request. And she wasn’t mistaken.

This is not to the liking of any of the investors. Okamura will take the floor immediately: “Well, Maruka, look, I would probably speed it up for myself. I will not worry about anyone else, I am interested in the share in the start of companies and I am interested in the future, of course, the profit. Why should I give it to anyone? In order for someone to pay me back, mon pr percent extra? It is always not a small value added. m would I have fun? m would I have fun then aunt, quarter, pt a year? Mon i est a sedm? I don’t like that. I’d like to go to the company, Maruko! ”

But he came across it. Tomio Okamura and other investors eventually learn that Marie decides not to pay them for their investment in her company. Therefore, none of them will be interested in the bottom of the day, they should be able to enjoy their pension. As everyone agreed, they are investors, not banks.

Maruka definitely left unmarried, but she was impressed by her delicacies to investors.

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