Tuesday May 24, 2022

Decide where your pensions invested in investing in life insurance will go

Experience shows that most people who are insured for investment in the finale do not care about their pensions. Whether or not they will make money, leave it to the bond. What is a code.

When you have a product, you can let your pension grow, do not stay passive and try to pay for your investment.

Bad at all

But pkn pododku. When you buy an investment life insurance company, you also buy stocks, bond funds or money market funds. Michal Dittrich from Fincentrum advice on how to combine them:

For young people: For a hunter under the age of thirty who concludes a life insurance contract for the next thirty years, I recommend investing firmly in dynamic equity funds. Revenues from them are highly volatile, but in the long run they are significantly more efficient. In addition, with a long investment horizon the risk of loss decreases.

In the last five years before the end of the contract, I recommend gradually transferring pensions to conservative bond funds and money market funds. The client thus runs the risk that at the end of the insurance period his investment will be impaired. Nkter pojiovny
tuto slubu svm client nabzej automaticky.

Pro stedn vk: I recommend taking out an life insurance policy for at least 15 years in order to be able to spend on high start-up costs. Therefore, if you start thinking about insurance at the age of ten, because you will want to ensure that you drive relatively young children, you will meet the contract at least until the age of 55. When you go to it in five years, uette na danch.

The strategy for vs will be the same as for a young hunter. Invest in the amount of money and bet on security for the last few years.
But when you know that you would not be able to go back and suffer due to the loss, do not worry and choose conservative funds straight from the arrest or enjoy life insurance, where you have the income, but it is guaranteed. This also applies to people under the age of 40.

Pro star: If you want to take out insurance in five days, most of them will talk to you. At such an age, these children usually grew up and did not depend on your pensions. Therefore, it is not your fault that you should be involved in the event of death. Invest directly in the fund.

Test yourself

You will also choose the strategy depending on whether you are a dynamic investor or a conservative investor. It is best to find out when you have a test of the nature of the investor. It is filled in with you by a broker and an employee at the branch of the insurance company. Or you can try it yourself on the Internet.

Do not pay for the questionnaire. Pi otzkch type: How would you react if the value of your investment fell sharply to 30 percent? It’s better to tell the color: I’ll be right back, I’ll be melted, I’ll go back. If the results of the test will not be skewed, you will be able to decide where to put your pension.

Change somewhere for free, elsewhere for a fee

You can relocate your investments in the process. You can choose from the funds that the insurance company offers you, and you have shared the product. Somewhere, arrange with the broker, some of whom will be able to manage the insurance via the Internet. Usually mon is free once a year.

  • Pojiovna Komern banka, Vital Invest: change only at the branch, once a year for free, otherwise for one percent of the fixed income
  • SOB pojiovna, Variations: you have access to the Internet application Client on-line and security PIN, we can transfer funds every month for free, at the branch for a hundred crowns
  • Pojiovna esk spoitelny: change only at the branch or in writing, once a year for free, who gave for a hundred crowns
  • esk pojiovna, product Dynamics: change for 50 crowns, at any time, go to the branch

This investment is like tilting a bathroom

If you are really embarking on your investments, be prepared to monitor your fund on an ongoing basis. If the bag doesn’t read for yourself right away, don’t waste it. “When you prefer to work with an expert, make it easier. I would probably compare it to a tiled bathroom – someone gets a good result the first time and sm, it is always better to at least seek the advice of a specialist from the arrest, ”” Marek Zeman from Axa.

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