Wednesday May 25, 2022

Diesel prices are at a record high. Liter costs 35.57 K.

The fuel is longer. The prices between petrol and diesel opened up and diesel reached a new maximum of 35.57 K per liter. It increased by 67 halls in a week. Gasoline prices rose by 21 halls to 34.90 K over the same period.

Fuel prices are rising slightly against the US dollar, which is the trading currency on the Rotterdam stock exchange. There is a jump in diesel due to the end of the heating season.

“There is something like a winter season for diesel engines on the European market. Diesel is essentially the same raw material as light fuel oil, which is used to run on top of the ground. I believe that, for example, in Germany, about a fifth of heat production is generated from heating oils, ”explained Ivan Indrek, chairman of the Association of Petrol Stations,

The dollar is now balancing at 19 crowns. In recent months, the crown was cheaper. Domestic filling stations did not escape healthily, even though the price of Brent crude oil in the world fell during the week.

“The decline in oil prices was also reflected in the Rotterdam Stock Exchange. The note was in the case of gasoline. The koruna’s exchange rate for Czech motorists has been a crucial factor in recent weeks. Over the past week, the koruna has continued to weaken, which will largely offset the decline in petrol and diesel prices on the Rotterdam Stock Exchange. In the course of the week, this is likely to lead to stagnation and a slight decline in prices, ”said Petr ermk, an analyst at Colosseum, who monitors fuel prices.

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