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Disagreement with the pension: how to appeal?

The decision on retirement is always made in writing. The decision on granting the pension states from which day the pension was granted and in what way and according to the decision, the facts that were taken into account at the time of the pension are stated. Who will confirm whether the calculation of your old-age pension is correct?

The decision system is the so-called personal letter of pension insurance, which provides an overview of individual periods of insurance, the depreciation base in individual calendar years, the number of excluded periods and the coefficient of the number of the general repayment base; According to it, the sum of connection times and the procedure for determining the calculation base is given here. From the personal sheet of the pension insurance, I am afraid to make sure that all the data (especially the time of the insurance and the debt) were taken into account at the time of his pension and that the calculation is correct. A written decision shall not be taken in the case of a collective retirement benefit; in these cases, the citizen will receive a written notice of an external pension.

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Pezkoumvn decision on retirement

The adjustment of the final decision of the Czech Social Security Administration shall be made in the administrative court according to the law. 150/2002 Coll., Court case According to this law, an action can be filed against the decision of this body (which becomes the first power by service), which will be decided by the regional court (Municipal Court in Prague). The lawsuit can be filed within two months from the date of delivery of the decision to the Czech Social Security Administration, namely to the court. The basis of the application is not delayed. It is possible to challenge the assessment of the factual and first state. In certain cases (especially in the case of an incorrect assessment of the first questions by the regional court), an appeal may be lodged against the final decision of the regional court with the Supreme Court of First Instance, which it has shared in Brno.

aloba must contain specified properties. Pursuant to Article 37 (2) and (3) and 71 of the Court of First Instance (Con. It is clear from what factual and first reasons the plaintiff considers the contested decision to be final or void, as the evidence to substantiate the alleged claimant proposes to make and propose a court decision. The application must be signed and dated and the name and surname of the customer and the address for delivery must be stated. A copy of the contested decision shall be attached to the appellant. alobce limit me at any time for zen alobn points. The distribution of the claim for decisions not yet challenged in the years, or the distribution of the grant for additional points can only be made within the time limit of the claim.

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aloba is doubled. alobce does not have to be represented by a lawyer. The cassation appeal is a legal remedy against the final decision of the regional court, by which the party seeks the annulment of the court decision. An appeal may be brought only for a specified reason (103 judgments of the first); This concerns in particular the ineffectiveness of the trustee in the incorrect assessment of the first question by the court or the defect of the trustee in the fact that the factual nature, the correct body in the contested decision came out, has no support in the files or is in conflict with them or in its appearance or the inadmissibility of the misdemeanor in incomprehensibility or lack of reason for the decision, or in other defects in court, if such a defect could have resulted in an unfinished decision on the matter itself. The cassation must contain a statement of the decision, against which it is directed, to what extent and for what reason the complainant challenges it and states when the decision on the appeal was served on the court. The application must be filed within two weeks of receipt of the court’s decision. The complainant must be represented by a lawyer if he is not allowed to graduate from the university. The cassation is challenged in the court that issued the contested decision. Kasan stnost has no delay.

The regional court may not change the decision of the Czech Social Security Administration or grant the pension. The court reviewing the decision may either uphold (ie reject the action) or revoke and revoke the Czech Social Security Act to issue a new decision; esk’s first social security is in this case the first opinion of the court. The lawsuit is exempt from court fees. The Czech Social Security Administration has the right to reimbursement of expenses incurred in retirement, including in court (this also applies if the citizen will not be in dispute in a legal dispute).

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