Tuesday May 24, 2022

Discount servers put together the first list of questionable sellers

The discount server was patient with questionable sellers of goods and services and put together the first list of unreliable merchants. Ten companies got to it, and customers often complained that the quality of the services and goods provided did not correspond to the offerings published on the discount portals.

“Let’s start meeting more service vendors and products that do not fully offer discounted offers. We therefore decided to create a so-called black list, available to other discount servers, who will be able to decide whether to cooperate with such a partner, “said Lotmat.cz portal owner Martin Bare, who was involved in the creation of the project.

The first ten companies were on the Bloklist.cz blacklist, which were the most popular since the customers of discount portals. The Bloklist.cz website is currently closed to the public and is used only for the exchange of information between discount portals. “We are now reviewing the individual merchants who found themselves on the black list, and within about 14 days we want to make the list available through customer discount portals. At the same time, we are talking about cooperation with other discount servers and we also want to address Slovak portals, ”added Bare.

The list includes, for example, the Slovak company e-bakos, which sells electronic cigarettes and puts goods. “In some cases, this seller did not deliver the goods, sometimes he delivered the goods, but for example he had him sent straight from Hong Kong, he did not inform anyone about them, and the people were supposed to go to customs. Of course, we reacted to that and gave people back pensions, ”Bare explains.

“For customers of discount servers, each similar step is certain. Due to the fact that it is basically an internal database of dishonest partners of discount servers, the way in which their operator will use it will be very important, ”to Jan Vetyka, Executive Director of the Association for Electronic Commerce (APEK).

The seller got me on the black list, for example, because he did not deliver the goods to the customer, he calved for a long time with the client’s order for the purchased service and increased the price of the offer before the discount to show the port in the discount. The portals Nakupvakci.cz, Republikaslev.cz, Lotmat.cz, Slevto.cz, SlevaDne.cz, Slever.cz, AAAslevy.cz, Capnito.cz, Kralovnaslev.cz, Berslevu.cz, Slevy.cz and the insurance company joined the project. AXA assistance.

“Our involvement will depend on the specific conditions, we do not hesitate to cooperate. In Slevomat we have our own monitoring and we have less than one percent of problem partners and the average evaluation of the quality of discount events is over 84%, ”said Tom upr, founder and director of the Slevomat portal.

According to sdruen Spotebitel.net, the number of dissatisfied customers of discount servers is growing. Their birds are mainly woven by restaurants. Food and services provided by holders of discount coupons are often of poor quality and poor. For example, people bought a discount coupon for pizza, which in fact was less than a gram, not advertised. Restaurant staff are often reluctant to keep voucher owners.

The first discount servers started operating in the Czech Republic in the spring of 2010. Last year, according to data from the discount search statistics Skrz.cz, their turnover rose sharply and they spent a record 1.95 billion crowns in 2011. According to two estimates, the previous years also spent several hundred million crowns on discount servers. Skrz.cz now registers about 140 discount portals.

The system of mass discounts works in such a way that the reduced prices for traders and service providers give them the right to buy a set number of orders. People will get significant discounts and entrepreneurs will fill the free capacity of their services or sell goods from old collections.

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