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Dlunci-ochotnci get on my nerves. It is umm usrnit, k prvnika

First-time student Alena Doubkov had an above-average salary and worked at the bank in small numbers. She was in charge of forcing the debtors to start returning their pensions to the bank. However, she hung up a lucrative post and went to a free debt counseling center.

“I kept hearing from the long bank: I am willing to pay me! I was literally allergic to the word “willing”. Those people did not want to realize that paying off debt was a duty. Many even took their situation as a bullshit, ”to the freshman.

According to Alena Doubkov, the willingness to pay debts did not appeal to everyone in the same way: For many people, however, they have moved away with cunning to take advantage of all the possibilities of how to separate. ”

Salary as in a bank with him

She offered the offer to become a debt counselor at Poradna pi finannny, financially. She was tempted to look at the debts from the point of view of the debts themselves and to change their balance. “A salary like in a bank is not here. It is a generally beneficial activity. In order to provide free services, we need to get sponsors for our operation. What floats me? When can someone really help, ”responds upmn.

Even if you dream of letting your work out of your head when you go home, sometimes it’s just a matter of time. Engraved in the memory, for example, of a woman who got into financial trouble by her own brother. “She took a loan to renovate the apartment. or with her brother alone and the woman took care of her siblings, he suffered from a mental disorder. Gradually, the apartment began to sell off in what was of some value. She tried to deal with the police and contact the lkae, ”describes Mr. Alena.

My brother’s mental disorder culminated in the apartment being full. His sister drank everything. She stayed at work in the office and got into debt again so she could go home. Then she found herself in the trough, drank and didn’t have to pay her debts. With the help of the first-time Alena, she filed a court to allow her to be seized. It worked. The creditor will meet the agreed level of debt, change jobs and five years, which will be separated, will be your poverty. Then the horse begins to regain normal life.

Debt mill grinds the cell family

Mr. Alena provided advice on how to deal with debts in the dark. “The awareness of people and their knowledge of financial products and things related to them is very low. That is why there is a lot of long in Czech. Lots of people have financial problems by getting pensions. They can’t imagine that their situation will be worse in the second case, “the counselors noted.

“How mm relation to debt? I am professionally deformed by it, I can’t even dream of a crown, ”he laughs. As he adds, a reasonable loan, in which the hunter increases his freedom and does not challenge his family budget, is a part of everyday life. “If young people are to have an apartment, it is not possible in today’s fall without a mortgage. Before you know it, you shouldn’t think about it. “

After years of experience, some debtors can still surprise. “Your irresponsibility for yourself and your families. Your father, the head of the family, began to dictate the life of an adult child. He influenced them so much that they took the vultures in his favor. The competition was for debts worth two million crowns. They were unable to meet them. At the moment when they became aware of the problem, they did so with other loans, ”describes the counselor. The debt mill eventually grinded the whole family. Vichni ended up in seclusion.

Volunteers u um tame

Alena Doubkov will meet with you – we are willing to pay our debts – in counseling. “For example, there is a long-term man who has not met for a long time and is angry that the creditor has allowed himself to send him a reminder. He claims that he is willing to pay 100 or 200 crowns according to his abilities, and wonder if the lender is angry that he does not want to pay everything, ”describes one of the typical cases of cunning (about the types of people who get into debt here).

By these “willing” two counselors, it is clear that the debt has nothing to do with the willingness. “On vacation abroad or gave things that make life more pleasant, you have to forget about time and balance your bundles. When the people really realize this, approach their volumes responsibly and the head-long relationship will come to you, ”he notes.

In the counseling center, you very often meet people who enjoy drinking. “I have to have a nice night, argue. When they can meet the loan and do not resist you from the usual, which is a great attraction in the first offers. But they soon lost the lack of cash in the house of the budget, but the joy of the debt bought on debt soon wasted, ”warns Alena Doubkov.

Legislation mu ns gaps

The work of a debt counseling specialist cannot do without a thorough knowledge of the legislation. According to Alena Doubkov, however, there are gaps in the horses. Both in execution and in insolvency. As he points out, the problem is, for example, in the separate departments.

“The indebted people who give the court to allow them to be seized must lay a deposit on the costs that this segregate will pay,” explains the first. Individual courts are concerned about how high the amount of the debtor’s statutes.

“If, for example, the court exchanges a 15-thousand deposit, which is due within seven days, it is a huge problem for many employees. They don’t have a pension or they have to get back in debt due to their stagnation, ”concludes Alena Doubkov.

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