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Do not choose a plate for a holiday payment card

More than half of them fulfill their summer vacation abroad. In addition to the necessary documents and luggage, most of them will take a payment card with them. Someone is used to paying with a card, others prefer to choose. If you decide on the way to use the card abroad according to the fee, it is better to pay the card wherever you go.

Most of the payment cards issued by domestic banks can be forced to make non-cash payments and cash withdrawals from ATMs, even without the need of a foreign country. The only exceptions are cards issued to children’s accounts and cards intended exclusively for payments on the Internet (eg GE MasterCard Internet). So you can reach both electronically and embossed by card, most often MasterCard or VISA.

It pays to travel abroad with several credit cards of different associations – Abroad, it is better to travel with several credit cards

“For travelers not only in Europe, we recommend embossing MasterCard or Visa payment cards. At present, it is possible to state that the acceptance for the use of payment cards of both companies is so wide that clients do not have to carry cash with them, ”said Tom Pavlk, UniCredit Bank’s press conference for iDNES.cz. The same advice to its clients in other banks, except Volksbank. I will recommend your electronic Holiday payment card from this bank for trips abroad.

Card payments abroad are cheaper than not accepted

If you decide to pay a merchant abroad with your payment card, you do not have to worry about days’ fees. It may even be more appropriate for everyone not to carry a large amount of foreign currency. This is because banks for non-cash transactions choose the option and usually favorable exchange rate, specifically foreign exchange sales.

Unlike a payment made with a payment card, cash withdrawals usually cost the type of parties to the fee spectrum. Fees for a single transaction are around 100 crowns, and increase the final amount to go a percentage of the selected amount. It is always wrong to choose a credit (credit) or debit (own pension from the bank) card with your card.

Fees for withdrawals from ATMs abroad
Bank Fee in rmci
zvhodnn tarify
ATM fee
jin bank
Citibank 100 crowns + 0.5%
z vybran stky
100 crowns + 0.5%
z vybran stky
esk spoitelna 6 crowns 100 crowns + 0.5%
z vybran stky
UNDER/PS 6 crowns * 80 crowns + 0.5%
z vybran stky
GE Money Bank 100 crowns + 0.5%
z vybran stky
100 crowns + 0.5%
z vybran stky
Komern bank 1% z vybran stky,
min. 100 coron**
1% z vybran stky,
min. 100 corundum
LBBW 2.5% z vybran stky,
min. 80 cores
2.5% z vybran stky,
min. 80 cores
mBank free *** free of charge
Raiffeisenbank 100 crowns + 0.5%
z vybran stky
100 crowns + 0.5%
z vybran stky
UniCredit Bank 0 – 9 crowns **** 100 crowns + 0.5%
z vybran stky
Volksbank 29 korun ***** 75 crowns + 0.5%
z vybran stky
Source: Banks
Note: * salary only in Slovakia; ** one free subscription in the month of the MasterCard credit card holder and the owner of the above-standard version of the G2 student account; *** When repurchasing transactions made in other currencies than CZK and EUR, the payment card issuer may use the exchange rate, including a post-exchange fee of up to 2% of the transaction volume; **** according to the tariff here, for personal accounts Mozaika, Komplet, Exklusive and Studentsk account, all withdrawals abroad are free of charge (within the UniCredit Group), 9 crowns to be paid by the Pohoda account holder and 5 crowns by the bank’s bank owner; ***** salary for electronic debit card Holiday

Here too, the salary of the exception. Some banks do not charge a foreign bank at all, others favor a person who chooses an ATM of a financial group to collect a pension, or his home bank. “Withdrawal from an ATM abroad abroad holds the card holder for the mKont completely free of charge. Cards for a loan and eMax abroad will issue a pension for only 19 crowns, mKreditka for 49 crowns, ”explains Pavla Rennov, press spokesperson for mBank.

Fees according to the current tariff here, as well as prices in the Czech Republic pay abroad for the purchase of clients of esk spoitelny – 6 crowns, UniCredit Bank to pay for withdrawals in ATMs outside the country 0 – 9 crowns and SOB 6 crowns (only in Slovakia). Of course, you always have to make a selection at the ATM of the financial group of your bank.

Travel insurance is also provided by the payment card holder

Most banks offer such travel insurance for trips abroad. It usually includes insured skull aptitudes abroad, assistance services, loss and trouble, pp. damage to luggage, first aid in the event of a traffic accident, liability for code (on health / property) caused to another person, reinsurance (in case of death or permanent disability), etc.

Banks automatically include this in the annual fee for just any payment card or they can be arranged additionally. Of course, with a fee ranging from 240 to 2,200 crowns per year. Of course, these contacts will be settled in individual banks, not only according to the offered range of insurance. The effect on the travel insurance fee is the same type of payment card when the insurance is agreed. It is therefore always worthwhile to compare the scope of coverage in the event of an insurance event before deciding on a specific travel insurance policy.

Fees for travel insurance cards / here
Bank Ron fee for basic travel insurance
Citibank 948 korun (plat pro kreditn karty)
esk spoitelna of 420 crowns to Osobnmu tu
300 crowns to pay cards
UNDER/PS from 300 crowns
GE Money Bank free *
Komern bank free **
LBBW 240 crowns
mBank pojitn nenabz
Raiffeisenbank 600 korun ron
UniCredit Bank free ***
Volksbank free ****
Source: Banks
Note: * for irm insurance cover fees in at least 864 crowns; ** for all embossed payment cards; *** payment for embossed payment card, electronic insurance card costs 300 crowns; **** free of charge in the package here, in case of an additional agreement, the travel insurance card holder will receive 300 crowns

Security above ve

Not only for trips abroad, but for general payment cards there are always general security rules, keep them to the minimum necessary risk of misuse of your own card. Among the basic PIN protection, not to keep the card out of sight and in case of loss and theft of the card, immediately report this fact to the bank and block the card for further use.

Even if you are not sure whether you have done your best for your own security and your finances, you can also arrange insurance against the loss and theft of payment cards.

What to take with you on vacation

In addition to the payment card and the necessary proof of identity, vz, etc., it is advisable to bring with you to the bank in case of no incidents. If you have used travel insurance with a payment card and also here, then you will not forget to pack the assistance card (including the form and type of insurance, contact for the insurance company’s assistance service, etc.) and other formulas that you received when arranging insurance.

These are documents needed in case of any codes and health problems. In addition to the insurance conditions, you will usually find instructions on how to proceed in the event of an insurance event. There is also a formula that fills the ote, etc.

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