Tuesday May 24, 2022

Do not delay at events due to carelessness

Although it is unforgettable, more than a million people are deposited in securities today. The sad truth, however, is that the vast majority of them don’t even know the value of their securities. And the first of this ignorance is the doubtful purchase of the event, which for some time again announced the offers for the purchase of the event at (for the owners of securities) very inappropriate prices. How to arm yourself against it?

In the past, inappropriate redemptions were much more frequent, not today, but in recent months, the interval between individual cases has shortened again. An unsuitable offer to repurchase shares takes the form of a squadron in the mailbox, on which there are exchangeable name companies, or share and investment funds that you can sell. There is a lack of final repurchase, price for individual shares and share of the fund, respectively. price for one purchase book. Sometimes they will buy back so far that they do not hesitate to warn the stock against the impossibility of selling securities in the future, or promise a guarantee of a solid one compared to securities traders.

Although the Czech National Bank warns people against these practices and encourages action to be vigilant, unfortunately that is about all I have to do. By buying valuables, it is very difficult to prove that they are committing criminal offenses of unwarranted business. Mostly it is a natural person who claims that e shares buy for your needs, that you do not need to buy the event. In the case of control, they would also have to admit it, which is very unlikely.

Surprisingly, even after such a large number of cases where a naive and two people have encountered fraudulent fraud in various original and minor original scams, there will still be people who can easily find it. In this case, at first glance, it looks like splitting, the opposite is true. It’s as if you poured a hundred crowns at home and sold it to someone for fifty crowns. The fact that people do not know the real value of their precious rays is basically just their problem, caused by comfort, naivety and laziness.

How to armor?

But how can people who do not have an overview of the bottom of the capital markets armor against such practices and do not fly? It especially requires caution. It can be simplified that if your actions can be taken by a natural person, then it is probably not a voluntary event. A foreigner would not buy worthless securities from his own expense kiln just to help you improve your financial situation (even here, of course, there may be an exception, someone who has a real interest in the tax and will offer them the real thorn price, but to verify that’s you anyway).

What share funds can you invest in?

First of all, it can be an impulse for the owner of the event to try to find out how the company is doing, its shares, if it has been noticeable in recent years, etc. you pension.

U otevench podlovch fond the situation is simple. Investin companies are required to regularly disclose the value of names per share. In the case of selling a share certificate, the investment company must buy it within two weeks at the current price. The problem with mutual funds is the fact that many funds have a different name at one time than they did at the time of privatization coupons. It should bother me to the owners of shopping books, and even here there is such caution in the city.

You can find out the real price of an event if you trade on the Prague Stock Exchange or the RM-System, very easily on the website (www.pse.cz a www.rm-system.cz), in person at the business locations of the RM-System, or in the regular economic sections of some dailies. One of the possibilities is a contact trader with securities, you can turn to him even when the stock is not traded.

In this case, however, it is advisable to contact the issuer directly (if possible) if he does not want to buy the shares. You can find out about the promotions that have been withdrawn from the store on the RM-System website, where information on possible changes is available to the company, etc. It may happen that the company does not trade it, but in the near future I am about to return to market. At that time, the owners of the event will definitely pay more if they do not sell quickly to a stranger who, moreover, is not even allowed for a similar activity.

This is proved by the statement of Jiho Vodika, Director of Strategy and Marketing of RM-System: People often do not think at first that their shares are not traded and have no value for them. The opposite is true, last year the shares of many prominent Czech companies, which were not traded with it, re-entered the newly opened Free Market of the RM System, and their price has increased several times recently. A very good example can be the shares of Nov Hu (Mittal Steel), which before those years cost 37 K and currently their price is 2416 K. In this case, it definitely paid off for investors.

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