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Do not file a rejected complaint. You can armor without a trial and for free

Getting your pension back for faulty goods or poor service is still a sweat in the Czech Republic. A number of sellers and companies have no way to acknowledge and calculate complaints, with customers being discouraged by lengthy litigation. In this case, try out-of-court consumer disputes.

Out-of-court consumer disputes have been operating in the Czech Republic for two years. Quickly and cheaply helps people to solve hundreds of first-rejected complaints – from the purchase of low-quality footwear, delayed construction work and the destruction of public transport and after complaints about exits or cars. “There is also a spicy dispute between the consumer and the erotic business over the fact that malfunctions are malfunctioning,” said Jan Votoka, a consumer of Sdruen defense.

Experts from the Chamber of Commerce, Sdruen Defense Consumer (SOS) and Sdruen Czech Consumer (SS) are involved in the project. Their specialists enter into disputes independently as so-called meditators and provide their promise to the parties to the party completely free of charge (as tricks tested by sellers in the event of complaints, click here).

The case can be reported in person or electronically

It works easily. Customers who need a complaint about goods or services are contacted at the contact point of the SOS, SS or via the electronic formula of the Chamber of Commerce.

“An announced case is about to entertain an authorized employee, most of them. He will consult with the consumer about the whole matter and evaluate the enforceability of his first, ”Votoka explains. Then the specialist asks the other side of the dispute if he is willing to solve the problem along the way.

If the seller and the company agree with the direction, the whole thing will be settled within a few days. If the mediator fails to resolve the dispute by written agreement, the case may be considered by a judge. The petitioner who decides on the decision must pay it, namely one percent of the value of the dispute, at least a bag of 800 crowns.

Out of court and then with withdrawal from the contract

Out of court can be not only rejected complaints, but also put disputes. You have a situation where the customer wants to withdraw from the purchase agreement and the company does not recognize it. The case of Mr. Anna is your case.

“At the previous event, the customer bought a set of furniture and consumables. It was not a small hundred, it cost 50 thousand crowns, so she gave up incl. At home, however, she found that the goods are of poor quality and the price is many times overestimated. She therefore withdrew from the purchase agreement. The seller did not react to this and the debt on installments began to increase the customer so that there was a threat of execution. The dissatisfied woman turned to us to help her. It was possible to negotiate with the company, the customer withdrew from the contract and got his pension back, ”describes SOS Jan Votoka.

Ve is based on the consent of both parties

Out-of-court consumer disputes are based on voluntariness. So both sides have to agree with us, what a problem I have. When the seller sweeps the direction from the table, the case can only be settled by the court, what is the time and pension. However, the consumer can get an expert opinion from a specialist on how much or increased the risk of litigation poses and what specific action is successful. “In addition, the court in the dispute takes into account the fact that the customer tried to follow the whole thing,” adds Votoka.

The SOS has about 800 cases this year. “A positive challenge is considered to be when the first is straightened out and the consumer reaches his or her level. Such cases make up about 60 percent of the business. In 20 percent of cases, the entrepreneur resolutely rejects the first message, and in about ten percent of cases, the entrepreneur does not respond to our calls or does not respond in any way. There are also cases when the customer’s house is full, for which the obvious is not the first. In such a case, Zen does not begin, ”to Votoka.

Vdy mus jt o spotebitelsk spor

He also gave hundreds of consumer disputes settled by the Chamber of Commerce. “We gave you a case where the consumer concluded a contract with an entrepreneur for the reconstruction of an apartment. The entrepreneur increased the originally agreed amount of 60 thousand by another 25 thousand with drainage of more work. The customer did not inform about the work, nor did he warn him about it during the work. After negotiating with the mediator, the two parties concluded an agreement in which they agreed on the final scope of the additional costs and the need for a financial settlement, ”describes the first-year-old Lucie Plach from the Economic Chamber.

Out of court, any party to the dispute – the consumer or the entrepreneur. “It must always be a consumer dispute, ie the relationship between entrepreneur and consumer. It is therefore not possible to resolve disputes between two natural persons – a non-entrepreneur, even if they act as a seller and buyer. It is not possible to resolve a dispute between two entrepreneurs with each other out of court, ”adds Votoka.

The consumer has a dispute out of court. This is also confirmed by a survey by the Hospodsk Chamber. “Most of them think it’s a good way to settle a dispute. Roughly three-quarters of the people say to me that this form should always precede judicial proceedings and should be obligatory for both parties to the dispute, ”concludes Petr Kuel, President of the Czech Chamber of Commerce.

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