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Do not go out at the bank on the day of the day, you will only fly for two years on New Year’s Eve pension

In mid-December, it is time to balance and check t. If you leave payments at the last minute, they can get through. On New Year’s Eve, banks are open within two hours, but in order for the pension mines to go this year, you have to demand, for example, super-exact payments.

Shnn drk and queues at the box office. This will be the scenery of the outer holidays this year as well as the last days before them. Those happier to enjoy peace and quiet, while latecomers will live, as well as every year when you go to the bank with a bunch of elephants. But Vhn doesn’t have to pay off this time either. The deadlines for transfers were shortened by a new bill on payment system by one day (salary from 1 November 2009), but banks did not want to guarantee the pension received in time.

They can only guarantee for the payment that leaves. The new first law stipulates that the payment must be sent to the payee’s bank no later than the end of the next business day after the receipt of the payment order (possibly according to the payer’s instructions). The beneficiary’s bank should then cover the amount immediately after the sweat.

Deadline for the castle in 2009 – payments between domestic banks (in korunch eskch)
Bank Pepka Sbrn box Internetov bankovnictv
Citibank 30.12. do 15:00 x 30.12. do 18:30
esk spoitelna 30.12. 30.12. do 12:00 30.12. do 20:00
UNDER 30.12. do 17:00 29.12. 30.12. do 18:00
GE Money Bank 30.12. x 31.12. do 9:45
Komern bank 30.12. do 13:00 29.12. 30.12. do 20:30
LBBW 30.12. do 14:00 x 30.12. do 16:00
mBank x x 30.12. do 8:00
Banco Popolare 30.12.* x 30.12. do 23:00
Potovn spoitelna 29.12. x 30.12. do 18:00
Raiffeisenbank 30.12. do 15:00 29.12. do 17:00 30.12. do 23:59
UniCredit Bank 29.12. / 30.12.** x 30.12. do 20:00
Volksbank 29.12. do 15:00 x 29.12. do 17:00

Source: Banks

Note: * no later than 30 min. before the end of the branch’s operating hours, ** salary for the bank’s branch office

However, if you send the pension within one bank, the deadlines are disproportionately short. The payment system stipulates that the recipient must have the pension available at the latest at the end of the day, when the time of receipt of the order occurred. So go t day.

Last term for the castle in 2009 – payments within one bank (in korunch eskch)
Bank Pepka Sbrn box Internetov bankovnictv
Citibank 30.12. do 15:00 x 31.12. do 18:30
esk spoitelna 31.12. do 12:00 31.12. do 12:00 31.12. do 20:00
UNDER 31.12. do 12:00 30.12. 31.12. do 18:00
GE Money Bank 31.12. do 14:00 x 31.12. do 18:00
Komern bank 31.12. do 11:00 30.12. 31.12. do 20:30
LBBW 31.12. do 14:00 x 31.12. do 16:00
mBank x x 31.12. do 23:59
Banco Popolare 30.12. do 11:30 x 31.12. do 23:00
Potovn spoitelna 30.12 / 31.12. do 12:00* x 31.12. do 18:00
Raiffeisenbank 31.12. do 13:00 30.12. do 17:00 31.12. do 23:59
UniCredit Bank 30.12. do 12:00 x 31.12. do 10:00
Volksbank 31.12. do 13:00 x 31.12. do 13:00

Source: Banks

Note: * entered online in the Financial Center Potovn spoitelny

Bank cash registers are times

This year, the first two scented candles fell on Thursdays and Birds, as did New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve. It is a tradition that simply do not stay on tdr day, Bo hod and on tpna financial houses. If so, these are individual branches and their cashier hours are running shortened.

Only LBBW clients in Pardubice and Potovn spoitelny will be able to use the services of their bank due to the operation of selected pots. Branches will also be opened in shopping centers, namely mKiosky mBank in Prague and Hradec Krlov, Raiffeisenbank, UniCredit Bank in Prague and Volksbank Shopy in OD Kaufland.

Pardubice branch of LBBW adends 24.12. from 9 am to 2 pm and so on 26.12. from 10 am to 9 pm. mKiosks will be open in Prague and Hradec Krlov 24.12 between 10 and 14 o’clock, 26.12. however, more than half of them will be available to clients in the Czech Republic.

The selected pots will be 24.12., 26.12. and 27.12. to provide its services in normal operation. Some Raiffeisenbank branches in shopping centers provide 24.12. by 2 pm, then on New Year’s Eve by 5 pm or five pm.

Traditionally, Praan has the opportunity to visit the UniCredit Bank branch on Floe. Here they are open 24.12. from 10 am to 2 pm and 26.12. from 11 am to 6 pm. The last day of the year is between 10 am and 1 pm.

Finann services will also be provided by Volksbank Shops on svtc, on 24.12. from 8 am to 2 pm, December 26 from 8 am to 6 pm and December 27 from 8 am to 8 pm. Nejdel operation will be mt 31.12., End and at 19 hours.

Overview of the opening hours of branches of domestic banks 31.12.2009
Bank Do
Citibank 12:00
esk spoitelna 12:00
UNDER 9:00 – 13:00
GE Money Bank 14:00
Komern bank 13:00
LBBW 14:00
mBank 12:00
Banco Popolare 12:00
Potovn spoitelna 9:00 – 13:00
Raiffeisenbank 13:00
UniCredit Bank 13:00
Volksbank 14:00

Source: Banks

You will manage the gates on 31 December, but they will be expensive

If you don’t want anything on the last day of the year, be quiet. All banks admit, only cash registers have times. So you have the last baldness to make even those transfers, there is no time left for it.

You can reach for so-called priority, express and superexpress payments. It guarantees that the bank’s pension, if it can work in such a regime, will cut off and the beneficiary’s bank will pipeline in one day. All you have to do is drive in the morning, no later than twelve o’clock.

The last term for the express castle in 2009
(in korunch eskch)
Bank Pepka Internetov bankovnictv
Citibank 31.12. do 12:00 31.12. do 12:00
esk spoitelna 31.12. do 12:00 not possible
UNDER 31.12. do 11:30 31.12. do 12:00*
GE Money Bank 31.12. do 9:30 31.12. do 9:30
Komern bank 31.12. do 10:30** 31.12. do 12:00
Banco Popolare 30.12. do 10:00 31.12. do 10:30
Potovn spoitelna 31.12. do 11:30 31.12. do 12:00*
Raiffeisenbank 31.12. do 11:30 31.12. do 11:00
UniCredit Bank 30.12. do 12:00 31.12. do 10:00
Volksbank 31.12. do 10:00 31.12. do 10:00

Source: Banks

Note: * salary for transfers up to 100 million crowns; ** superexpress payment of Komern banka

tte ztra in MF DNES

We tested how long it takes to transfer pensions between banks after a change in the payment system. You can find the result in the Penze area.

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