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Do not leave anything to chance with the household

If your insurance household does not cover all the risks you face, you can insure yourself. When arranging the connection, select a sufficient fuse. Insurance conditions hide many pitfalls. Do not sign the contract until you understand them.

Insurance households can use people to protect their property, in various adverse situations that may unfortunately occur. Among those most often affected by natural disasters and burglaries. The natural safety bag does not prevent the occurrence of property codes, its purpose is to pay for the reduced costs associated with it.

Today, the client can choose it from a wide range of offers of many binders with the specific conditions of the household, which allows him to choose the product as a “tailor-made” of his requirements.

We connect the household

The offers of connection vary, including specific insurance conditions, fuses and the limit of performance, setting the co-operation, the possibility of connection, etc.

Insurance households can be divided into several types, namely basic, above-standard and accessories. This basic meaning means the standard equipment of the household, where the insurance indemnity is always limited by the so-called insurance indemnity limits and the insurance policy is agreed for the household as a whole. Its specific feature is the ever-expanding possibility of arranging online.

It makes sense to close the above-standard insurance sense if there are e.g. expensive items, and there is a need for insurance benefits. It is then a matter of course to be able to arrange insurance policies for each subject of the household separately. However, the negative price here is also in some cases the need to obtain an expert opinion on certain subjects.

Under the supplementary insurance, you can imagine only a kind of basic binder, ie without the possibility of its own construction. Its element is to connect several risk objects, e.g. electronics, bicycles and windows. Again, of course, there is an additional limit of insurance benefits.

What do we actually insure?

Or – what is the subject of the household? It is a movable thing that forms a set of household equipment, is used for its operation and to satisfy the needs of only households. The system can be stored more in non-residential premises, such as chambers and cellars close to the household, and according to the building system of the household, such as. tiles, floors, devn stair, painting, doors, etc.

Insurance, insurance and coverage limits

The insurance item means the price of the household, ie the value of all insurance items that are in it. It can be determined either as an estimate of the bond, ie. as the sum of the values ​​of individual things in the household he wants to insure, or on the basis of the coefficient for the equally equipped households multiplied by the size of the area of ​​the apartment. The opportunity is thus filled in a detailed questionnaire, only it concerns the equipment and furnishings of the household. You should always watch to avoid undercarriage. In such a case, the insurance company would only pay the wall code.

The insurance policy is then derived in the insurance premium and thus represents the maximum limit of the insurance benefit, which the insurance company then pays.

The insurance is covered by msn, quarterly, plron and ron. Insurance companies often offer certain discounts on insurance premiums in case of payments. After the financial side, the most appropriate phenomenon of insurance is msn.

Limits of insurance indemnity

The maximum indemnity of the insurance company is determined by the insurance premium, but there are also so-called insurance indemnity limits. What can you imagine under the darkness? Certain groups of goods are either not covered by a basic insurance policy at all, or they are only covered up to a set limit (a certain percentage of the total insurance policy) and the insurance company does not reimburse the code. This fact can be read by the subsequent connection and increase of the given limits.

Separate limits include audio and video equipment, including equipment, bicycles, antiques, perks, collections and works of art, cash pensions and valuables.

Nov v. ace value

When agreeing to connect, it is also very important to find out whether they are connected to a new and time value (price). It is basically a question of whether the insurance company will pay the amount for the liquidation of the code, for which you can in the given city and time the same or comparable new thing at the same time, the so-called new price, and whether the tax is worn out the time that the bag is not restored.

In this situation, you can meet with a general value, ie a price that can be achieved by selling things in a given city and time.

Insurance conditions

As far as insurance conditions are concerned, they represent a very important part of the insurance contract. It is basically a detailed explanation and application of all changes in information and other significant issues related to the conclusion of the contract (eg payment of compensation, method of reporting codes, client participation, etc.)

Often, they are formulated very professionally, for laymen, they can become less understandable, and I may even understand them. Mostly, your multi-string elabort is written in a small dog, which easily discourages their pet. It is up to the client to study these conditions carefully, or they may hide a lot of exceptions to his detriment.

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