Tuesday May 24, 2022

Do not put on a consultant’s suit. He must be able to explain the offer and explain the time

A lot of people came across unsound advisers who can advise a lot and go mainly after the commission. If you want to avoid the wrong advisors and their offers, it pays to know a few basic rules on how to recognize them

If your financial expert contacts you, you should first find out information about us and the company he works for. According to Jiho indele, the executive director of the Union, the company of financial intermediation and consulting, this is the first necessary and at the same time the easiest step.

1. Check the documents and correct them

NB registered and canceled intermediaries of connecting and investment products. You can find their lists here. If the parent company of the counselor is a member of a professional association, the probability of quality services is you.

For intermediaries, building societies and pension savings banks, the client should check the minimum validity of the trade license on the website of the Ministry of Industry, or the NB does not register these advisors. If you find inconsistencies in the information provided by the advisor, it should be for all warnings, for not cooperating with such a hunter.

2. See recommended

If the seller wants to get a recommendation from your acquaintance, do not hesitate to ask the other party if this is true and if the friend was satisfied with the promises. Disappointed clients often draw attention to the miserable company in discussions on financial websites. So find out the references for the given advisor via the internet. “Even in financial consulting, as elsewhere, the competition and the client should be warned mainly in the number of negative first about the Internet,” the indel points out the possibility of uncertain tactics.

3. Watch the appearance and independence

During a personal meeting, watch how the counselor behaves. Negotiate your pensions with us, you should trust him. The suit does not have to be a condition where the manual for the counselor bag unconditionally says that he should wear shoes. But the important thing is the adviser’s independence. He should not recommend products from only one or two companies.

4. Sweat with a few steps

The analysis from a good advisor should be based on your needs and goals and a comparison of market offers. Also, when everyone listens and likes it right away, they will probably sell a fairly uniform product. Finann pln and products are usually introduced by consultants and, secondly, by the meeting.

5. Ask for details and fees

For each product, the consultant should clearly describe the related fees and conditions. In the case of fuses, you should also discuss the locks from the insurance claim with you, so that you will not be surprised to find out that the insurance company will not pay you anything. If you don’t understand him, ask again and again. A solid counselor will understand this, and when he will not be able to answer something unambiguously, he should offer to answer the answer. For specific products, always want to know where the business and insurance conditions include what the advisor says.

Do not be afraid to ask the consultant about a comparable product from the company or about the processing of a new offer that will better meet your needs (the insurance will cover, for example, the sport you run, your illness, etc.).

6. Study in peace

Study the financial proposal fully, including information about the recommended products, carefully and without delay. In any case, take it home. Thanks to this, you will be able to consult with us nearby. And what you should definitely not forget: do not sign anything without a thorough contract. If you have doubts about the recommended products, then definitely do not negotiate a contract date.

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