Wednesday May 25, 2022

Do not store pensions on bnm here

The guarantee for the resolution of the dispute are those in the banks. However, Roen is low and can be absorbed by bank fees and inflation. It is better not to have your pension needed for building savings or term deposits.

The bank’s deposits are usually difficult, but don’t expect reversibly to get rich from savings and deposits either. You will find an offer with a year around three percent of the year, ie above inflation (last year it was 6%, in the market 2%). Usually, rates are between two and two and a half percent, some banks offer years and less, which does not even cover the number of consumer prices.

But the ovens just have a few useful spoic. In addition to the evaluation, if you choose the correct one, the pensions are usually not taken on a certain date as on term deposits, you can also freely store and withdraw them as needed.

But banks, on the other hand, have room for maneuver for a dream year. While, for example, if you save your pension for a year on a term deposit, you will fix the year rate for this period. At home, it is only up to the bank to change the rate.

You don’t have to worry about disputes in banks. They are connected, up to one hundred percent, but not more than the equivalent of 50 thousand euros for one depositor at one bank. You can find a list of insurance institutions at Some foreign banks, such as ING, are better connected to the system by their countries.

Where do you get the percentages?

How to choose spoc et? Except in the years of rates look at the given conditions. For example, whether the bank wants to ask your friends how easy it is to get to the pensions, or whether the financial situation is “interested” in your pension and from a certain amount, or you only have a thousand crowns until your arrest.

Today, GE Money Bank offers the highest year of 3.6 percent in the Spoc et Genius Plus product. Only in two m hky. First, the offer is limited in time. To win a year, you must start by the end of April. The second point is that you can get a suitable rate only for disputes of thirty thousand and more.

The second largest bank is Volksbank. Svj bn investin et ron ro 3.03 percent. Established and maintained here is free, in addition you get internet banking. Because the account has the status of a current account, you can select and save at any time. If you want to go two or tenths of a year, you must deposit at least thirty thousand crowns and save them at least six or twelve months.

Komern banka is appreciating the percentages in its offer. Only when you let me appreciate less than 50 thousand. The completely redesigned strategy of his red account Potovn spoitelna, where you have to save, to reach at least 50,000 K for this year.

Several banks approached the t percent limit. mBank offers an eMax Plus spoc account with a year of 2.8 percent. About five hundredths of a percent of it is available from Citibank in the Cocho account.

esk spoitelna prepared a 2.5 percent year for the calculation of personal accounts for its clients, but only if it saved less than 50,000 crowns. ING Bank and LBBW offer the same rate.

He gave banks ro this type here at rates from 0.9 to 2 percent. Attention, esk spoitelna, Citibank and Komern banka condition the loan with the opening of a current account. At HSBC, you must have at least one million crowns a year for two percent.

When to choose the competition

Does it make sense to change the bank for the sake of peace? Just a few tenths of a percent would not be reasonable. Decide on the basis of a thorough deposit, in which you will include not only the income from the deposit, but also the cost of canceling the original here, establishing and maintaining a new one.

You can make your own picture according to the rates, which you will find, for example, on the websites of individual banks. Or create models of the example of your movements here and dispute and let the bank spend the inputs and expenses for vs.

Take weight in comfort. For example, if you used to go to the branch in person, find out where they were. Or how the banking offers the financial condition, whether it will suit its appearance and security.

If you have one hundred thousand crowns of free purchase, you can have 3,600 crowns gross with a year of 3.6 percent a year, or with one percent 1,000 crowns gross. This difference is very considerable. If you choose between two and two and a full percent, and with a difference of one hundred thousand crowns only five hundred crowns. Remember that the total input in your drive is at least fifteen percent.

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