Friday May 20, 2022

Do you do business? Get a mortgage on an apartment is tk

Whoever used the same expenses, he spent on taxes, but due to low income, the bank does not pay for his apartment. The company is in the building society.

In banks and building societies, MF DNES tested how a hunter who runs a business succeeds enough to succeed enough. The result? M smlu. This is because he presented the bank as proof of income tax, and when he uses the so-called flat expenses, his income will fall rapidly and the bank will refrain from paying for his home.

Banks do not give a mortgage

We asked the banks if they would provide a mortgage, which would like to pay 800 thousand for an apartment for a million crowns.

It wouldn’t be the time. The net income according to the tax return is 8,130 and 11,633 crowns for the required amount of money, in 12 of the 13 addressed banks would not give a mortgage at all, only Wstenrot offered 577 thousand crowns. At the same time, if she were employed and had the same gross income, she would prove 22 thousand crowns of the same month and it would be worried. He would get a mortgage without any problems.

The company is in the building society

Stavebn spoitelny does not assess creditworthiness so much, Lika offered the most entrepreneurs. If she used all disputes in the amount of 300 thousand, they would pay for the remaining 700 thousand crowns with a maturity of 20 years. A payment of more than 5,165 and later 4,120 crowns would be tight.

Although banks know that those who apply flat costs, the actual income is usually far away, they do not result from the tax return, but they are not interested. They follow their rules strictly. They take profits, deduct taxes and insurance, and from the rest of the statutes a certain income.

Some have their own special turnover calculation, which in our case comes from now.

Individual pstup osobn

Are banks really so uncompromising? Pride with an individual approach, you have a direct eye over the businesswoman in person.

While at UniCredit Bank I was on the street for five minutes with the fact that I didn’t have a mortgage for a year, and they didn’t even advise me what a long time, a mortgage bank from esk spoitelna really tried. But and he tried, as he tried, he did not get out of the bank in 400 thousand. Not only did he advise me on the possibility of getting to a better heat, but he also started looking for a cheap apartment on the Internet.

I came across a nice bank in Hypoten banka, but even she couldn’t vr dt. 119,000 crowns, which I would be entitled to according to the bank’s terms, does not apply to a mortgage.

Banks like to twist pjmy

What to pay? “You can apply real costs,” it said. You must submit additional tax returns and pay extra taxes. It will be quite expensive.

“The cheapest option is to use a roommate with enough income. Then go mortgage in the weight of the mortgage without any income, but it is necessary to keep in mind that the banks borrow only half of the value of the property and in addition with the year by two and three percent exchange, “to Petra Horkov Kritofov from the Association of Mortgage Brokers.

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