Friday May 20, 2022

Do you know what you do when buying a car on installments? Test yourself

First is the best time to buy a car. The offer of new and used cars is rich, prices are quite low. The problem with the lack of finances in my ability to buy a car in installments. The question is whether the lease, or incl.

The media is advertised for cars. Companies will be able to orientate themselves in the offerings and be more diverse. On all sides, it received positive information on how it is not a problem to have a car, even if there is a lack of pension.

So how? Either on lease or on incl. The possibilities differed from each other. If you buy a car for leasing, keep in mind that the car is the property of the company’s leasing at all times and pay penalties in case of early payment. On the other hand, if you use consumer goods, the car is immediately your property and you can pay early without penalty.

You will also find differences in car insurance. For leasing companies, companies strictly require accident insurance. If the car is in your possession, it is up to you to arrange an accident insurance.

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