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Do you manage your house as a minister or a detainee? Vote!

Whoever has the family coffers and how he manages it over time is often under wraps. Bn don’t talk about it with us. The finances of mapped out that there are roughly five methods of administrative pension in our households. You can vote who is closest to you.

We know how to manage the house of the house very often from our parents. But sometimes we choose our own path, which suits us better. You family finances to your partner, because he can handle his pension better, or at least not.

Z finannho ministra se me stt dikttor

My example is Irena from Prague. After the wedding, she agreed that she and her husband had established only one company and a payment card, and only husband would have access to pensions. “To keep an eye on it,” they agreed. At first it worked. She received the necessary cash for the purchases and gave the expenses. However, she always had to apply for a pension, even though she regularly raised the joint account by a very sunny income.

Years later, he told him and started tightening his financial tap. Irena fell into a trap. She felt that he existed on his existence. She had to deduce where she was married, and because of her pensions, the household was often stuffy. “If you don’t like it, I eat,” she began to hear from Mue. She shared her own account and manages her pensions herself. But the account with tons of disputes is decided only by him.

Penn slist can collide nicely

In Czech, there are still all the people who manage their house at home. According to the current data of the Czech statistical series, single-year households are the fastest growing type of households. There are almost 1.2 million people in them, which is more than an aunt in 2002. František z Hradec Krlov is also a penny. After a few years, he developed a very sunny career, shared an apartment and found a partner. She too was used to managing her pensions herself.

After settling into his apartment, the partners agreed that each of their own pensions will continue to be decided by each of them, and they will contribute equally to shared expenses, such as food or those for housing. Together they also invested in a better equipped apartment.

But Souit stopped clapping. When a woman slapped two in a row, she took all the things she bought together. The former partner is in dispute. “I want to drill down the pension, but I can not prove that I am equipped with a pispl. we did not reach a written agreement on that day, ”k.

The influence of the democrat must always be observed

Manel Mirek and Eva are leading the house democratically. They have two in common and they are two that they do not disappoint each other in family finances. “I can’t imagine that I would choose a pension for myself and spend it without her knowledge. Our family edition works on a simple principle – let’s spend just enough so that at the end of the month there is always at least some controversy, ”to him.

Both partners have a clear view of all the incomes and marriages of the family. And also about the amount that she put together for the retirement, including the financial reserve in case of the event did not occur. Larger investments are decided together, and thanks to disputes created over the years, they have never had to take a loan.

etn contrasts cannot be done without consistency

The house of the coffers of Karel and Ivana from Brno is founded and maintained on two. Karel has a private company, try to reduce costs and succeed in the competition as much as possible. Business has taught him that it pays to have an overview even in the expenses and expenses that burden the family budget.

He and his wife therefore shared a household and regularly enroll in it all income and expenses, including electricity, water and gas. “It will take time, but it paid off. For the rest we do not throw our pensions out the window, ”agrees manel. Always make and regret your investments and compare the prices of products and services.

Vn finann zatenci konvaj iv dluzch

A total of ten percent of Czech households run a family coffers by going from paycheck to paycheck. At the end of the month, they do not have a crown left. But some behave like high-income financial entrants. With the house of the coffers, they rubbed their heads with the rule: “How it will turn out.” When the pension bugs, they go to drink. They don’t want to compromise on life needs.

Debt counseling reports that the people who can bring their house to the brink of personal bankruptcy, pibv. “Over the past six months, 3,200 people have visited civic counseling centers, which is the same year as when a total of 3,800 clients sought help,” concluded Stanislav Skalick, director of the Association of Civic Counseling Centers.

How to treat your own pensions and family coffers?

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