Tuesday May 24, 2022

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If you would like to communicate with the Czech Social Security Administration electronically and thus simplify access to the office, then Portl Public Administration (www.gov.cz) and its electronic business section can help me with that.

As part of electronic communication, the SSZ operates in the operation of the E-filing office and there are also various formulas available on the website concerning pension and sickness insurance, or persons who are self-employed.

You do not want to use the possibility to send SSZ formulas electronically, you need to register in the e-Podn application, which is part of Portl public. It is first used to register users from citizens and business entities, if they want to use its services. After completing the registration, it is possible to send and receive formulas from the public administration, with the help of user identification (username and PIN) or with the use of a digital certificate. Vbr, which option you choose, is only on vs. In the case of a certificate, one can issue either the one issued by the SSZ itself or a certificate from Prvn certifikan autority, as (www.ica.cz)

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Communication with the relevant organization of public administration (in our case SSZ) according to the course through web forms, which are located on its website. There are two ways to send them to the SSZ: via Portl’s public message and on electronic media (disketch or CD).

At this point, individuals and organizations can submit two types of forms electronically to the SSZ: registered pension insurance sheets and pins and sickness insurance records. The SSZ itself states that as of January 2, 2006, a total of 35,998 organizations registered for the electronic database, of which 18,415 employed more than 25 employees. At the end of last November, there were 29,351 of these organizations and they employed a total of 3,205,153 people.

In practice, this means that 63% of organizations communicate with SSZ electronically. The formula thus supports 17,583 small organizations (up to 25 employees) and 828 people self-employed. In total, more than 6 million completed forms have been submitted by the SSZ so far. If these SSZ documents were encased in paper form and placed on top of each other, a pile of non-Eiffel rays would be created, weighing 23,800 kg.


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As stated by the SSZ, this current information in electronic form from the area of ​​sickness and pension insurance is used to create a register of insurers, which maintains the SSZ and in which each insured person will have his or her individual account. Accounts should be created this year and you could have the opportunity to continuously check with social security. In the future, it is also necessary, thanks to the fact that individual accounts will reduce income and simplify communication with foreign carriers.

How do you choose the option that SSZ offers? Do you intend to use electronic business? Drinks them with light.

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