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Don’t be modern slaves. The employment contract may also contain non-final requirements

Bt an agency employee to help me in curry. You are often in danger of working under inappropriate conditions due to bad contracts. Unreliable agencies may also require the signing of a contract that contains, for example, various wage charges.

“Agency employees are attractive to companies because they only hire them for a limited period of time, thus avoiding paying severance pay. For agency employees, it may be convenient for some companies to choose the best ones, which then become regular employees. Companies do not have to pay a board and choose future colleagues from the agency staff, ”to Jaroslava Rezlerov, Director of Personnel at Manpower R and SK.

It is always necessary to choose an agency with which you can be sure that you will sign a standard contract. “Employment contracts, where it is stated, for example, that your salary ranges from 45 to 70 crowns per hour, are not an exception for non-government agencies,” continues Jaroslava Rezlerov.

“It is far from true that you can automatically rely on an agency that has registration with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The law, which regulates agency employment, is wrong and some agencies and companies abuse it, ”adds.

Let’s look for a colleague. For a while

Companies often put agency employees in positions that can be easily replaced. It is, for example, a construction or working profession. But it doesn’t always happen.

“Agenturn employees also work in administration, call centers or IT. A specialist is also hired for the key, and sometimes these are very interesting positions. Especially foreign companies so that the headquarters have a limited number of people who can have as a tribe of employees. They also have people who would not otherwise be able to work for the company, ”k Lubo Rejchrt, manager of Grafton Recruitment and president of the Personal Services Provider Association (APPS).

Jaroslava Rezlerov adds: “Recently, the position of interim manager has been developing in our country. This means that the agency will supply the company manager for a period of time before finding the most suitable candidate. “

The problem is that this method of employment is relatively new in the Czech Republic, and some may feel that the employment contract with the agency may have different rules than the company. This is a bag of mistake that the agencies most likely.

According to Jaroslava Rezlerov, the company is also required to do so, or it reduces labor costs by means of bad contracts. “And this was not a corner of the firm. multinational companies often act this way, ”emphasizes Jaroslava Rezlerov, who, together with APPS, is trying to push for a change in the law.

“When the inspection from the labor inspectorate comes to the assembly plant, the company relinquishes responsibility because the people are agency employees. In my opinion, it works so that the agency then tells the inspector fully the contract, not giving it to its employees, or in short, risks losing its license. It is easy to get it back by changing its CEO and renaming it, ”estimates Manpower’s CEO dishonestly by some agencies.

Look at the terms of the contract

If you decide to hire an agency employee, be prepared to take care of the situation. You only have to arm yourself if you only sign the contract with a service agency. As an agency employee, you are not entitled to benefits such as your contribution to retirement and life insurance, but you must receive the same wages, bonuses and leave as people in companies in the same position have in our field.

“You can always get a document from the agency to make sure you actually have the same conditions,” explains Grafton Recruitment Manager.

What is business

Pay attention to contracts in which the agency grants you only the minimum wage, which in addition to the payment of travel allowances or food allowance. “It is often a mistake sice You will have less money, but when you are on sick leave or on holiday, it will be very much on your income,” adds Lubo Rejchrt.

You can only sign an employment contract or employment agreement with the agency. “A performance agreement is not permitted. The employer does not provide health or social insurance for his employee. The agency that offers such a contract violates the law, ”to Lubo Rejchrt. Jaroslava Rezlerov adds that the fraudulent agency will probably offer such a contract. “He will rent vs companies for much cheaper costs, as he is the first to pay for insurance fees,” he noted. If such a thing happens, they both recommend that you contact the Personal Services Provider Association.

Don’t be afraid to file a complaint

The non-governmental agency also requires you to sign various salary wages in the contract. “For example, demand fines and more than 1,000 crowns for absenteeism. That is the opposite, ”warns Grafton Recruitment, noting that the agency is not the first to deduct retirement pensions as a sanction for non-compliance with the contract.

It can happen that they will not pass over the passports or you will not have enough days off. Non-serial agencies thus grow to pay their wages as soon as companies have no interest in your work. You must receive a salary from the agency until the contract expires. Even if you sat at home for two months and didn’t do anything.

According to Grafton Recruitment estimates, US and 50 percent of non-sering agencies work. According to Jaroslava Rezlerov nron, the condition for registration at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is not fulfilled and the agency can be opened by anyone. You have a certain skill if you verify that the agency is a member of the Association of personal service providers. “It is possible to file a complaint with this organization at any time, when you come across an inconsistent one,” adds Lubo Rejchrt.

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