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Don’t forget to charge retirement contributions. For the first time, artists also have to

This year, for the first time, a freelance people will take the form with a printed receipt. So artists, free newspapers and interpreters, who have to pay retirement contributions from last year as well as other self-employed. Otherwise, they face a fine and 20 thousand crowns.

An overview of income and expenses must be submitted to the first social security, for whom you are insured for retirement. This obligation lies with more than 955 thousand self-employed people.

Look at the dates when you submit the report

According to the instructions, the formula calculates how the pension contributions were paid by the pension and how, in view of the actual income achieved for 2009, the overpayment or arrears are due. At the same time, he sweats out a new deposit, which can be paid for retirement at a glance.

The deadline for submitting the report is determined by when you submit the financial data to your income. If you process your tax return yourself without a tax advisor and submit it by February 31, you must deliver the report to the social security manager no later than April 30, 2010.

If the taxpayer processes the advisor this year, you must report it to the Social Security Administration by the end of April at the latest. Under the overview, it will move until July 30, 2010.

Arrears and new deposits will be paid by you

It is necessary to make sure that the arrears of deposits are due no later than eight days from the date of the report. Delayed penalties amount to 0.05 percent of the debt for each day of delay. The overpayment is returned automatically by the social security administrator, either to the account or by payment to the address. Wrong for each binder, what form to choose. In case you have some debt on the insurance, it is good to know that the social administrator will pay the overpayment to the castle of the due volume.

The new deposit will be paid from the calendar month when the overview was submitted. If you hand it over in April, you must make sure that the new premium payment arrives on the pension security no later than May 20. You will then pay this deposit and submit a report in 2011.

Deposits must be paid by all self-employed, including the liberal professions, for whom self-employment is the main source of income. A minimum of 1,720 crowns is paid until the bottom of the overview, and after the bottom of the overview, this minimum deposit will be raised to 1,731 crowns this year.

As for me, I am a little wretched on my way
in 2010 (in K)
In the main activity In a side activity
To the bottom of the pehled On the bottom of the pehled To the bottom of the pehled On the bottom of the pehled
1 720 1 731 688 693
Zdroj: esk at first socilnho zabezpeen

Deposits only for some ancillary activities

In the case of secondary activities, ie people who are employed, in retirement, maternity leave or study, and in addition to earning a business and a free profession, it is also still possible for retirement benefits to depend on the income earned.

If the tax base from this secondary activity reaches the limit of 56,532 crowns in 2009, you have to pay retirement deposits this year. It is at least 688 crowns to the bottom of the overview, after its bottom the minimum deposit will rise to 693 crowns this year. But you can sweat out the real amount of money from the lots of your income.

Ancillary activities must be substantiated by a certificate

Please note that you must report the side activity at the latest on the day of the survey and the day to confirm it. If you have not done so two times, you must submit the confirmation socially no later than one month after submitting the report.

Students, for example, provide proof of study, the employed person must submit a certificate of employment and vice deed for the calculation of social security contributions and pensions.

If you do not prove that you only earn a business or a free profession while studying, working for you on a disability pension or maternity leave, your self-employed activity will be considered as the main one and you will have to pay insurance premiums.

The form “Overview of Income and Expenditures of Self-Employed Persons for 2009” including instructions on how to fill it in can also be obtained directly from the branches of the first security department. There is also a form in it for confirmation of secondary activity. You can also use the interactive form published on the website of the Czech Social Security Administration.

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