Wednesday May 25, 2022

Don’t get caught by the bond. life insurance is not for everyone

They always offer a life insurance policy. But don’t arrange it, ask, you want it for your own life. Not suitable for anyone. However, the connection always pays off.

You could get the impression from advertisements and second-hand phones that you are a citizen of this category without a life insurance. And the question begins, “What if something happened to me?” First of all, note that life insurance is a “something” death. Your death.

People often buy life insurance mainly due to the additional consequences of a one-time, permanent disability, two in incapacity for work. Take it together not so close to the earth. In fact, do not need a life insurance bag as a single-use fuse or an incapacitated door fuse. You have a few advantages – so much not to start the budget, and if the situation changes over the years and you want to terminate the contract, you will not lose a lot of pensions. On the other hand, do not sweat anything.

Who should buy the insurance

However, this does not mean that life insurance in the financial market of the city. M. Throw for people who:

  • they don’t have a lot of property, but they have a family, they are vertical on their income, for example he had children, a parental wife,
  • they have property and a family, but do not want them to have a radical dream of life in the event of their death,
  • they have large debts, such as a mortgage, a business loan, and they don’t want their relatives to have to pay them,
  • they take a big loan and the bank demands life insurance for them,
  • they are employees and the employer is willing to contribute to their insurance. In that case, you have to take into account that when the employers change, they will have to pay the insurance themselves.

A bundle on a long lta

There is caution when buying insurance, because by purchasing an insurance policy, you become a client of the insurance company (and a policyholder) for many years to come. In the case of contracts for which you apply a tax levy, and up to 60 years of age.

When we asked in the connection companies how to recommend the product from our offer, we were able to find a uniform answer: the investment is usually connected. It can be set individually, the client can with high returns ene Only this is just the truth. The kind is that the insurance with a spoc component (and for capital or investment) is always suitable for the insurance company. M your pension for a long time sure. And to terminate such an insurance prematurely means a loss, so in the first two years you will not receive anything from the paid insurance refund.

“I will sell personal lives because there is a commission for them. However, I will offer my friends risk insurance and assign them elsewhere. So that in case of need, they can have two at retirement age, ”said the broker, which for understandable reasons did not want to be named.

We are responsible and informed

According to pojioven, but the interest in fuses will not fall. “In 2008, written premiums even increased by 40 percent,” says Ivana Kkov, for Aegon.

The people behave more carefully when buying. It is not like before the time when the insurance company’s agent called, he offered a time insurance, the client was in charge and the commission was in his pocket. According to analysts, the financial literacy of the client is improving. “Clients can do exactly what they need,” confirms Marek Vch from Kooperativa.

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