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Don’t hold off debts. Look who’s at vs betrayal

The moment you buy vr and even buy a car for leasing, you become a person “publicly acquainted”. Finann companies will enter information about you, your volume and payment records into their registers. These serve as a source of information for other companies, which of them provides information about applicants on

If you are a problem-free client and meet the day, it’s a plus for vs, banks will see vs as a familiar and solid order. But watch out, when you are late with the installments, you will stop paying. Your reputation will drop to zero.

U get enough of vr vs gets in the registry

As soon as you say something, take care that all banks and other financial institutions start to lustrate. Not only will you go through their internal process, in which they will assess your ability to meet, but they will also query various databases of long-term debt. And as soon as they do, they will record some registers and enough about the product, including information on whether they provided it or whether you and the bank refused it.

However, the reason rejected in your records is stated, the rejection is quite deleted from the register after about a year.

Banks and non-banking companies send to the register information on all your deposits (consumer, mortgage, from building societies, leasing), including overdrafts on current technology and credit cards.

The information in the registry is updated once msn

The system of information about the client is his identified and contact details. The information on the volume includes the original credit, the date of its creation, the current balance, the installments, the term maturity, the number of installments due and overdue, and the amount of overdue installments. Every year the registers update the financial companies once per month.

The bank and non-bank register can also get information about the lower installment, which would be only in advance. It plays a role in this when the bottom is down.


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If you do not pay the installment by the end of the month, when the company updates the records in the registers, information about the unpaid installment will appear in your record.

If the bag with the installment is delayed within the month and paid for it by the end of the month, then the information about the original installment will not go to the register.

So it happens that you get into a situation where you need to set aside installments. This information also gets into the registry as part of regular msn updates. “Postponement of the payment is not considered to be a negative factor for the client’s evaluation,” explains Klra Paesov from esk spoitelna.

Nesplcte, ek vs I know in dalm register

If you run into fulfillment problems and are delayed by several months, be prepared to end up in the next long registry. This condition is that the creditor is a member of the SOLUS (Association for the Protection of Leasing and Consumers).

You can find yourself in the SOLUS long register, even if you should not. It will be delayed for some time with invoice castles by mobile operators and electricity suppliers.

You do not have to consent to the entry in the register

Banks do not need to agree to be able to exchange information about each other through the Banking Register. It allows them to Kon o banks. Information from non-banking institutions is also sent to the register, and they can only exchange information with these companies with your consent. “We will use the consent to the processing of personal data to query the Non-Banking Register of Client Information,” says Paesov.

At the same time, non-banking companies, the user registry, must obtain consent from everyone to process personal data. This consent is enough to include By signing, give enough consent.

Giving consent is voluntary, you have the free choice to decide whether and to what extent the financial company can use your personal data.

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