Wednesday May 18, 2022

Don’t know the investment recommendations, they can lht

Anyone who has ever decided to invest their resources has come across the term investment recommended. This was to make it easier for him to decide whether to buy, sell or sell the valuables. Mete them white? Will they help me at all?

Investin and brokerage companies or banks issue daily recommendations, in which they want to help investors in their investment decisions. Many investors use these recommendations so often to optimize their decisions shares to buy, which to sell, which to support.

Anyone who will follow these recommendations indefinitely and live without them will hardly come across them. An investment recommended to buy a stock does not necessarily mean that the share price will rise in a matter of days, a week, or even a percentage point. Even with the amount of information and tools used by analysts to predict developments in the stock markets, it is very easy for forecasts to fail.

The fact that no one has completed (and analysts pay twice as much) is proved by the recommendations of various analytical specialists of banks and brokerskch spolenost. They literally surpassed the recommended investment first in the first period of growth of domestic stocks, shortly after the strongest period of market decline, however, began to appear a new recommendation, which advised to sell. It’s not even about the fact that their predictions did not come out, but rather that their predictions did not clash in the event of an unfavorable development (which I find very suspicious).

According to ren trend is friend, let’s get to the point, which shows us the direction. Of course, it cannot be said that all analysts are just amati, who are only an excused reason at the time, did not work for their recommendation. It is clear, however, that when someone presents himself as an expert, going does not necessarily mean that his advice is flawless and he does not make mistakes, as one would expect from arrests. Contracts such as a decline in the market may unexpected events, an expert should not afford to omit from his own country. If only because there are certain fluctuations, you have to pay for investment.

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Attention to the stet

Dal, and I am much more hot, the problem may be personal perceptions, which lead the creators of the analysis to prefer the selected valuable in their investments recommended. They are no exception to a situation where a brokerage firm or an investment bank has issued a positive investment recommendation
to the shares of the company, vn had a significant floor, or the tax needed to get rid of the share and thus screw its price to the maximum, at nm would increase the interesting profit.

When creating positive investment recommendations for the purchase of the company, the fact comes into account in which the volume of its clients trade, thus paying the investor in fees, of which investment and brokerage companies basically. This is one of the reasons why most of them are recommended to buy, sell, possibly accumulate, etc., and there are many less recommended recommended wires. In general, it can be added that this situation does not apply only to individual stocks, but the salary is paid in estimates of the development of currencies, entire economies and stock markets, annual rates, etc. are funds certifikty aj.

First of all, the NB seeks to address this problem by declaring an honest presentation of investment recommendations (114/2006 Coll.) From the year of this year, which came into force on 1 July this year. According to them, it should lay down detailed rules for the presentation of information recommending investment strategies, resp. investment decision, and for public interest and conflict

In addition to the obligation to identify the creator and issuer of the investment recommendation, the decree stipulates the obligation to honestly, fully and untraditionally present the recommendation and the obligation to publish the name and address of the name of the creator.

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As the decree regulates only the recommended ballot box for the public, the rules do not apply to individual advice (advisers, investment intermediaries). Vyhlka thus does not regulate the procedure for creating recommendations (release date, methods and dates used in the creation), but all these data should be recommended.

Even with the existing reluctance and the most honest motives of the creators of investment recommendations and various directors, investors should, even for arrests, take all advice and tips with reserve and like to see the situation in the market with investment instruments from several sources.

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