Wednesday May 25, 2022

Don’t think so, said the staff of the direction of the magnifying glass. He turned and rode his bike

Armed in the center of Pardubice, armed with a magnifying glass for the second time in a short time. In epic and sunny days, with a pistol placed on the counter, he handed out the service on Monday, but failed. Then he rode his bike. According to the police, he could rob him in other establishments in the area.

The shift worker asked the peddler what he would need. Instead of answering, he pulled out the pistol he had under his jacket and knocked mainly on the glass by the pepper.

“Don’t think so,” said the woman. For the last few weeks, he wanted to retire him with a pistol for the second time. While he took home more than 100 thousand crowns, this time he failed.

At the time of the fall, around three o’clock in the afternoon, the center of Pardubice was full of people. “At the time of the raid, the city was a full fan of hockey, or a quarter of the quarterfare came between Pardubice and Zlín,” said police spokeswoman Markta Janovsk, asking for possible witnesses to report to the police.


Lupi in pardubick smnrn

He wore an ernoble checkered epic and sun glasses. Last night before those weeks, the tonk was masked by a hood. Scn was the same in both cases.

According to the police, however, I have more fingers in the area.

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