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Draby: How it goes at auctions

Give me a lot in cash, I will wait a long time for the commission sale… I will put my antiques in the auction and you will get its price several times higher.

Thoughts for sale at auction are chasing the heads of a lot of people who have a subject at home that would be worth selling. And the auction is right, it is by far the most suitable for me. Just how to get your treasure up for auction?

Find an auction with

First, look around the auction dream. Take your paintings, perks, sculptures and other objects to you in pairs or up. Talk to the price experts, invite the price conditions and approach, as they have for your employees. Consultation on the art according to the auction is free of charge. Everything you offer for auction, note in the available documentation how it got into your hands. It does not have to move the history of the little one as a secret to your great-grandmother, it is even a simple proof of purchase. If there has been a long-term expert estimate for the work, take it with you. You’d better not leave a bag of originals in the gallery, get a copy, recommended by art dealer Jana Novkov.

The developer price is no

Aukn with statutes vyolvac cena dla. It will probably be a little lower, not if you put everything into the commission, but you are hoping that when there is more interest in the work, the price will be much higher. If you agree on the price development and whether the thermal auction suits you, you would sign a contract with the auction. This will include the price of the developer, the term auction and the procedure and conditions before and after the auction. You need it when you have a job, when you get a pension worn out on sale, the conditions for a refund and so on. Also pay attention to whether the auction takes from the seller a fee, it is a common practice that in addition to the auction pirate from the buyer, you buy another 10 and 20 percent from the seller.

The experts from the auction will then give a description of the subject. In the case of expensive debts, even an expert estimate, the salary is paid according to the previous agreement, either by auction or by the owner. The auctioneer will take a picture and prepare a presentation in the auction catalog. It is then available to those interested in the auction auction with it and actively distributed to many clients.

It is possible that if you want a photo in the auction catalog, you will have to pay. For example, the Dorotheum for public photography charges a fee depending on its size. The full-page photograph will cost 3,500 crowns, the eighth page in the catalog will cost 1,200 crowns. Those interested in buying will see things in advance on the picture and can look at them both on the Internet and in advance of viewing the auction, and prepare them a few days before the auction itself.

It is played according to the table

The auction is then auctioned according to the auction house, which is auctioned for this complexity. Customers will receive the money either when buying a catalog or in return for a refundable deposit. She bv teba u Auknho domu Spka tisc korun. The buyer must prove himself with proof of identity. Individual items are usually listed in the order in which they are listed in the catalog. The auctioneer will always announce how it was done first, point out any volumes that could affect the price of the item, and announce the starting price. The recipients can then pass.

At the auction, some people are confused about how much more to pay for individual debts is determined by their price, how the financial significance of the auction of the auctioneer. For example, at the expensive price of the developed item up to ten thousand crowns, one sign means that there is two more questions. In addition, the price of each auction is determined individually and listed in the auction house.

If no one has an accident, the owner who gave the last offer becomes the owner. The buyer has to go with one vc price for which he bought, not done, he will also have to pay an auction commission. This usually ranges from 14 to 20 percent of the price at which the work was auctioned. At the end of the auction, it is therefore good for bidders to set a limit for how much to buy with respect to the auctioneer. The new owner paid for the work and I took them home. Pay me after the auction is completed in cash or by transfer to an auction company. Some of them can also pay by card, or a bag for her. Buyers usually have a limit to pay, you a week.

When will you get a pension?

After the resale, I am selling to my pension. If it is not mentioned in the auction, you will find out the result the fastest from the auction website. Pay the pension with the agreed method in cash, or for as soon as possible to receive the pension from the person who bought it. Ask in advance what will happen, when it is possible to pay a low fee for the fact that you were in the auction, even if it is a percentage of the starting price.

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