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Dream for years on mortgages. We know how

The mortgage rate offered by the bank does not have to be final. You can knock it down by no more than one percent. Just when you agree to the conditions of the bank and arrange a mortgage with the products or you will become its vassal for at least 20 years. The benefit will be installments of hundreds of crowns less.

years, mortgage rates average around 5.5 percent. In the banks of banks, however, you can also meet the rates of them, but not more than six percent. The reason is the so-called advantageous years, which banks offer clients at the annual rates. Another condition for obtaining a suitable rate is the conclusion of another product for a mortgage or commitment to a permanent client.

disputes go to tens of thousands of crowns

For most years, banks have been conveniently offering more products negotiated with a mortgage. The advantage is that if the client closes them, the individual discounts will cost me.

In the vast majority of banks (esk spoitelna, SOB, GE Money Bank, Hypoten banka, Potovn spoitelna, mBank and Volksbank), the salary for the agreed years is favorable for the entire duration of the year. Other banks discount from the rate for the duration of the agreed fixation.

If you agree to the conditions of the banks, you can relieve your mortgage payments by hundreds of crowns, and it can be tens of thousands at all times. Nap. for a mortgage for two million crowns with a maturity of 20 years, the dispute with banks ranges between 300 and 700 crowns, for a twenty-year period with a maturity of approximately 70 thousand and 160 thousand crowns.

Thin experience: 6.29% we dreamed and 5.49%

Our thin Petra also met with a good year, and the iDNES.cz editorial staff shared their experience with the offer of the year at GE Money Bank. “Con nm ron fixation at the mortgage and the bank nm offered a rate of 6.29% or 6.19% for the given year, if we agree t resp. ptilette fixation. “

The rate seemed to them to be quite high in view of the banks’ current offers, so they decided to negotiate with the bank.

“The advisor suggested that if we transfer the money we have at GE Money Bank to Genius Active, we will get a rate of a full percent.” Nabdka seemed appropriate and in the end negotiated the annual rate at 5.49% with a fixation for three years.

“The total amount of money in installments is about eight hundred crowns, on the other hand, the cost of money increased by 40 crowns.” summarizes Peter.

For the agreed rate, it is not about half a percent

A similar strategy as GE Money Bank is also sought after by other financial houses. With the exception of LBBW Bank, all banks interested in mortgage years are eligible to meet the preconditions.

Seven of them will pay one and five tenths of a year rate, if you agree with the bank et. SOB, Hypoten banka and Potovn spoiteln staejn bn et u SOB resp. Potovn spoitelny. As a result, get a discount of 0.15% off the rate rate. Esk spoitelna and Komern banka have a similar condition. If you meet vr from their here, sn vm rate by a tenth of a percent.

For the most years, GE Money Bank has been looking for mortgage applicants. The discount is 0.5% if you negotiate a Genius Active or Gold. At UniCredit Bank, the client has a discount of three tenths of a percent, if he also arranges a credit card.

Bank years of advantageous and agreed products
esk spoitelna 0,1 % – and, 1% u poloviny vru – maturity min. 20 years, fixation 5 years, insurance ability to meet
UNDER 0,15 % – and, 0,1 % – 2 of 3 connections
GE Money Bank 0,5 % – et Genius Active/Gold, 0,1 % – binding ability to meet
Mortgage bank 0,15 % – and, 0,1 % – 2 of 3 connections
Komern bank 0,1 % – and, 0,1 % – risks P

0,15 % – risks P

Potovn spoitelna 0,15 % – and, 0,1 % – 2 of 3 connections
Raiffeisenbank 0,1 % – risks P, 0,2 % – RB clients, 0,4 % – nevyuij turbospltek
UniCredit Bank 0,3 % – et, credit card, 0,3 % – binding ability to meet
Volksbank 1,2 % – vr do 80% LTV, 0,2 % – maturity max. 10 years
Wstenrot hypoten banka 0,29 % – 0,39 % – 3 or 5 years of fixation, up to 70% LTV (H for own living, REFIN)
Source: Banks

Insurance concluded with a higher rate of 0.3 percent

If you take out a mortgage ability to meet your mortgage with UniCredit Bank, you will receive a discount of 0.3 percent for one-year rates. At SOB, Hypoten banka and Potovn spoitelny, clients get a rate of one tenth of a percent if they take out two of the offered insurance facilities (insurance capacity to meet, households and real estate). GE Money Bank, by concluding an insurance capacity, can meet clients’ relief at a rate of one tenth of a percent.

At some banks, clients can dream the rate even when they take out life insurance. The rate will be one tenth of a percent lower for Komern banka and Raiffeisenbank, and 0.15 percent for mBank.

S wants to hire clients for at least 20 years

With a special year of advantageous offer at Ideln mortgage, the company saw a savings bank. The salary for mortgages with a maturity of at least 20 years is fulfilled for the entire duration of the term, a five-year fixation and an agreed insurance capacity to meet. If the client fulfills this, the bank will pay the mortgage half a year (maximum bag up to t million crowns) at a rate of one percent or one year.

If the client decides to refinance the mortgage with a one-year bonus with another bank before the expiration of at least twenty years of the maturity period, the number of savings years is advantageous for a period of one five-year fixed period.

Volksbank agrees to the value of the balance

Raiffeisenbank will receive a mortgage applicant at two tenths of a percent less a year, if they are its clients and if they decide not to use the possibility of free installments for free (so-called turbocharges), they have given a discount – 0.4 percent.

Volksbank will offer mortgage applicants a favorable price of 1.2 percent, provided that the mortgage does not exceed 80 percent of the value of the property. Clients who do not exceed the maturity period of ten years with their mortgage will get a discount of another two tenths of a percent.

Wstenrot hypoten banka saw with the offer of EXTRA years rates for Mortgages for home and mortgages REFIN. Clients get a discount of 0.29 – 0.39 percent if they close a deposit or a five-year fixation and do not exceed 70 percent of the value of the deposit.

time limited supply

Only for a limited time offer these banks – SOB, Hypoten banka and Potovn spoitelna – the opportunity to dream of the annual rate by another tenth of a percent.

SOB and Potovn spoitelna reduced by two tenths of a percent on the condition that the client must arrange a mortgage of at least two million crowns, with a one-year fixation for five years and up to 70 percent of the value of the property. Action salary from June 12 to November 6.

Hypoten banka discounts from the rate of 0.15 percent, if the client agrees in the course of another year with a five-year fixation and at the same time the insurance against risks is not fulfilled with SOB Pojiovny.

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