Wednesday May 25, 2022

Drhy want to spend 320 million K in the first year, redundancy 1,600 people

esk drhy maj cl. In the first year, I want to make a profit of 320 million crowns. Petr aluda, the general director of the railways, told the members of the parliamentary committee of the Chamber of Deputies. He put the laps in the way, about 1,600 people will lose their jobs.

This year, the company is sweating with a modest profit, the so-called black zero. Cl to issue in the fifth year 320 million K will go to meet the dog put disputes and growth needed.

According to the director, the works, for example, secretly reduce the number of employees by 1,600, while the solid leaves the headquarters. More than a thousand employees have left the company this year and by the end of the year only 600 employees will lose their jobs in the Czech Railways alone. (see previous link)

The company also wants to dream about electricity costs by hundreds of millions. “Hopefully, the photovoltaic account will pass,” said the aluda.

Keep the scrubs secret from you. According to the director, thanks to the elimination of discounts, the deployment of reconstructed cars on long distances and strong crowns, the tracks should gain an additional 230 million crowns. The carrier’s operating profit should be three billion crowns for five years.

A fundamental problem of Czech railways is the obsolete car fleet with an average age of 26 years and neglected gossip. According to aluda, better management should change for the better. “We have a 50-year-old locomotive, that driving is a sight,” said Aluda. Due to the lack of pensions, until recently the gossip “flickered as much as possible”.

7 billion K will go to the new sets this year

This year, the companies will invest a record seven billion crowns in the new train. “If we are able to keep up with this pace over the next ten years, it will average 15 years, which is a good standard,” said the director.

The source of pensions is, among other things, European funds and bonds.

The flagship of the railways is the Pendolino express train, which in recent years has shown an ethnically loss of around CZK 1 billion, mainly due to depreciation and debt from the 1990s. This year, the loss should be 250 million and in five years 100 million.

Other trains, except pendolines, operate public services in the so-called public service bundle on the order of the Ministry of Transport and the region, which will pay a total of approximately 12 billion crowns for trains this year. As the aluda recalled, it is about a quarter of a billion less than last year, in five years the public contribution should be reduced by hundreds of millions, or the ministry will stop paying for EuroCity and InterCity quality trains.

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