Wednesday May 25, 2022

Drive the field into the streets of the army. Soldiers should prevent health in shops

Venezuela devalued me in a hurry, and there President Hugo Chvez decided to send an army to the streets. Soldiers should see to it that traders do not raise the price of goods. But hundreds of residents chose the worlds and filled the shops for the weekend. People hastily bought mainly household appliances and electronics.

The last devaluation of the currency five years ago is remembered by Venezuelan, traders raised prices of goods in some cases by fifty percent. That’s why a number of people from this Latin American country went to shopping malls over the weekend and bought what they drank.

The purchase of the heat of his citizens was criticized by the left-wing President Hugo Chvez in his regular Sunday program Al Presidente.

With a photograph of one of the busy shopping centers in hand, he will mark the queues behind the “teleteror” of the opposition, which he says will use devaluation to panic. He therefore decided to act. He will pour an army into the streets, which will be searched healthily in shops.

“I want the National Guard patrol in the streets to fight speculators with people,” Chvez said, adding that rising prices are, in a way, a kind of rebound.

Venezuela has introduced a double exchange rate

Chvez thus announced that the devaluation will be accompanied by the introduction of a double exchange rate. Two in order to keep food prices low and lk. So far, the official exchange rate has been 2.15 bolvar per dollar. The rate will be 2.6 bolvar per dollar for transactions with a high priority, including, for example, the first import of food and lk and, depending on the field of engineering, science and technology, the means obtained from consultations and embassies operating in the country.

“For everything else,” the government set the exchange rate at 4.3 bolvars per dollar, which the left-wing president called the “oil dollar.” It’s all about oil. After the rate, after the transfer to the bankruptcy, you receive a double pension to the central treasury for its import.

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