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Dtsk accounts: watch out for ailments

Have you decided to file a child’s bank account in the hope that they will be able to manage their disputes, or do you want to save them on a more suitable annual passbook? This is definitely not a bad idea. In some cases, banks offer really interesting baby products, but you need to pay attention to some BUT, especially when you want to withdraw cash from here.

For children from birth to 15 years of age there are deposit books, sweat account i bn ty. The free benefits you offer include keeping here, deposits, deposits and withdrawals of cash, issuing and keeping payment cardsor plyov drek. Although these are financial products intended for children, the final representatives (eg birth, guardianship) of a minor must agree with their establishment. As well as with account changes or cancellations.

Deposit books for children are offered by esk spoitelna (Cvrek), Waldviertler Sparkasse von 1842 (KNAX) and Potovn spoitelna (tylstek). They are intended for children from the age of 18 to 18 years of age and the deposits are paid at a rate of around 2% pa Do you think that you can’t be surprised by these simple products? Then you are wrong.

Deposit books for the smallest

You can select from the deposit book without a time limit only in the case of WSKP. If the daily sampling is higher than 200 K, it must be performed in the presence of a final representative. Both remaining savings banks then have a large time deposit taken. The US is based at Cricket vpovdn lhtu, which must be observed when loading the collection. Choose between 1, 3, 6 msci or 1, 2 years. The long deadline will be, the lower the annual rate (from 1.05 to 1.65%).

Bank Product name Vk client zaloen / vbr separate roen zstatku Vhody
esk spoitelna Spoiteln knka Cvrek 0 – 18 years / according to the required period (1,3,6 msc, 1,2 years) according to the notice period + year, preferably for non-withdrawal of the deposit and after min. stky from 15 years the possibility of a small turnover of 20000 K, after reaching 18 years a favorable period for the deposit of 1 msc drek plyov cvrek
Potovn spoitelna Deposit book tylstek 0 – 18 let / po dosaen 18 let 2,50%
WSPK Vkladn knka KNAX 0 – 15 years / from 6 years, max. 200 K 2% established, maintained, inserted minimum deposit; Withdraw the balance on the deposit book for 50 K. From the age of 6, children can withdraw cash up to 200 K themselves. The treasurer’s dragon

Source: banks

The sweaty body then does not wash during adolescence. Naspoen stka is paid to the adult owner, a long bag to deliver, es prmi. If you would like to choose two funds, then you will pay a fee for each 1000 selected crowns, in the amount of 60 K.

You can also farm with “twisted” ones

Bn and spoc you can collect cash in total without any problems. They also provide a favorable year’s balance rates, the possibility of using a payment card usable at ATMs. The amount of cash collected can occur due to the set limits, both when withdrawing the card and at the branch. Although the limit is set by the final shortcut, it is good to know whether the recommended minimum for credit cards in the amount of 200 K msn is sufficient, or whether it will sometimes not be necessary to withdraw the amount. Payment cards are offered by SOB, S or Potovn spoitelna and the set limit is from 200 K to 2000 K. However, if the current limit is not enough and you want to reload it, you must note that it will take some week and that changes to the payment card limit are charged by the bank. .

Overview of children’s bnch and spocch accounts HERE.

It is interesting to know that computers such as Dtsk et Beruka KB and calculations Velika from Raiffeisenbank cannot be chosen at all, unless they have a civil order (ie up to 15 years), who can choose one from the passbook or usually here within 8 years. When withdrawing from a different amount, you must have a shortcut and you will also be charged for the first small amount (withdraw from a Sun or Large 30 K account).

Children are an interesting tool for teaching a child to retire, but if you only want to save children, you can choose other products, e.g. with state support (building connection).

Who por banks in vi fee? tte HERE.

Would you share your child’s passbook or bank card with a credit card to manage your pocket money yourself? Drinks them with light.

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