Wednesday May 25, 2022

E-shops attract customers at unrealistic prices. Not in reality

The price is an important criterion for most people, according to which they decide on a specific business. That’s why low-priced stores are so popular. The problem is that you often don’t get goods at all for the advertised price.

You often have to pay for the price of the goods for the goods. DTest consultants conducted more than a dozen online stores and investigated how fees are hidden behind purchases.

Nkde grain without grain nepodte

“Urit no one is surprised, emus to the prices pipotatpotovn, if the store does not have a branch near him. However, a new number of retailers will also charge for personal collection or do not offer it at all, “says Milo Borovika, the first adviser, adding:” The new fees have quietly introduced some large e-shops.

There is a lot of competition on the Internet. Deciding to look cheap at first glance. Between the fees of individual stores is a big difference. Personal collection is still free in many of them, but there are also those where the number of the collection city costs 249 crowns. “The delivery of the same product house cost the cheapest at 79, the earliest at 292 crowns,” describes Borovika.

The consultants selected one specific Bosch MFQ 3520 product and conducted a survey in more than a dozen e-shops. They found out how much it will cost as a result of personal collection or the cheapest way of delivery.

In one of the trades conducted, the consultants obtained only another production line of the monitored product. For the sake of interest, add a comparison of sweat in this case as well.

Shops violate con: prices are not transparent

The Consumer Protection Act states that price data must not give rise to any price. “We believe that some stores behave against the law, because the goods can not be removed in one way for the price you advertise. Only price information that contains at least information on the cheapest method of collection or transport can be considered transparent, ”explains Milo Borovika.

The initiative of the association dTest in the iA Association for Electronic Commerce (APEK), although with regard to the current customs in the field of online shopping, it considers it a revolution.

“Until now, in the context of internet sales, transport has been treated as a separate service. It seems that in the event that the merchant does not offer the opportunity to receive goods for free, its price should be stated, including the cheapest transport, or the cost of transport in the prices of the goods, “said APEK CEO Jan Vetyka and added that the situation would be even. in price comparisons, where some sellers offer goods cheaper at first glance, but at the same time hide their transport costs.

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