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E-shops have a bad head with prices and contracts, the survey showed

The first-time members of the dTest counseling center examined the well-known online stores and focused on the correct introduction of prices, the conclusion of purchase contracts and unilateral price changes. Without reservations, only two out of twenty-five rated it.

Customers may first be informed of the end of product prices, ie including all taxes and recycled and other fees. However, some e-shops will visually suppress the resulting price, ie the highest price, in favor of the price, for example without value added tax.

“I often buy electronics on the Internet and sometimes I am surprised by the price of the goods on the order. It is the first time that I did not notice the price of the tax, which was a far smaller dog under the product, ”describes his experience Michal from Ostrava. Khnkm belongs mainly to electronics stores, such as Alza, 123shop and Mironet.

“I think that a store whose customers are the primary consumer should reveal the price, including VAT,” said Jan Vetyka, CEO of the Association for Electronic Commerce (APEK). In addition, the final price is the final price and the recycling fee should not be separated from them, it would be ten crowns.

When the purchase contract is actually concluded

The first-time ones examined the way in which the shops concluded the purchase contract, ie the moment from which the seller cannot unilaterally change the price and other necessities of the contract. According to their opinions, the purchase contract is created at the moment of delivery of the order to the buyer to the seller, if in the previous process all the necessary necessities of the purchase contract are summarized, ie what we buy and for how much we buy it. Confirmation of receipt of the order is the seller’s obligation, but does not affect the validity of the contract.

Most e-shops try to interpret this provision differently, ie for their own benefit, not for the benefit of the consumer. “In some cases, we even met with the fact that the moment of concluding the purchase contract was marked the moment delivered and delivered by the buyer,” explains Luk Zelen, adding: . Unfortunately, it has not yet been decided by a court that would disappoint how right it is. ” Eight km was passed by eight of the twenty-e-shop examined

“At this point, there are the first few deposits that are unfortunately not uniform. If the deposit is made by a human, the conclusion of the contract will take place in most cases at the moment of the consumer’s order confirmed by the merchant, ”adds Jan Vetyka.

The price should not change after the conclusion of the contract

The last area that the survey focused on was the possibility of unilateral price changes and cancellation of the contract by the trader. Vtina e-shop reserves the right to make such a change.

“Many sellers do not remember that they are not alone in the contractual relationship, and the contract concluded for various reasons, such as change of exchange rates and the wrong price and change of prices from suppliers, they also adjust directly,” leads the first consultant and explains : ”Here it is true that perhaps, with one exception, the consumer can insist on additional goods under the agreed conditions. This exception is a clear mistake in the purchase price, when it had to be clear to the consumer when concluding the contract that there was something wrong. ” The first column of the table captures these different payments for the first price change, canceled orders and immediately canceled contracts. Only five shops complied with Nrokm.

“Again in the deposit of the Czech and European first not fully clear point,” counters Jan Vetyka, adding: “In my opinion, in the event of withdrawal from the contract, the trader may have the same first as the consumer, if they agree on this before concluding the contract withdrawal from the contract is defined, for example, in the terms and conditions. “

Me zkaznk njak brnit?

According to Luke Zelen, retailers should adjust their terms and conditions.

“I think the longest fact for the customer is that you order the goods and it stops. I completely remember that I will enter the debate over the first deposits and argue whether whether this or that e-shop has all the wording on the web in the horseshoe is left. Customers who buy from proven and solid stores do not need to think about the fact that they actually concluded a contract, ”remarked Jan Vetyka at the end.

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