Friday May 20, 2022

eck problems make your holiday. The purchase of euros was best in April

Analysts do not drink before the arrest is good at first. Agree that the best time to exchange euros is especially for them. The crown is thrown down by the problems in Greece, which are likely to be a summer holiday. ei, who picked up the euro in the guidelines in mid-April, issued. Each euro is worth 50 hn more than now.

The exchange rate in the crack of Celetn Street will offer one euro for 25.50 crowns, the exchange rate exchange rates took off and ten times more. Some indications show that the depreciation of the koruna against the European currency will continue and the purchase of the euro will be more appropriate.

“In terms of buying euros for a holiday salary, e lpe u was. Until summer, the situation is difficult to predict and the koruna will probably fluctuate against the euro, similar to the other currencies of the region. The kinship of the koruna is mainly caused by Czech shocks, ”said Pavel Sobek, an analyst at UniCredit Bank.

Analyst Tom Vlk recommended exchanging euros in recent weeks at exchange rates of 25.10 and 25.20. But still think that it is good to change pensions to go before the elections, which carry the risk of weakening the crown. At the same time, however, he did not rule out a messenger. “It’s up to you that ‘hitting’ the moment of the most suitable course would be a big coincidence,” he said.

Weak government, eck debts…

Uncertainty about the formation of the new governing coalition could have a negative effect on the koruna. “It will be appreciated that there will be speculation about the wrong result before the election (no rule and inability of anyone to build a strong government). That should weaken the crown. According to us, it is so weakened irrationally. It is clear to many cities that the government will be as weak as after many previous elections, “said Vladimír Pikora from Next Finance.

Holidays in countries with the euro are driven mainly by Czech problems with financial debt. Greece lost the yard and thus the ability to sell its bonds on foreign markets and was left with only hope – help from abroad, from the IMF and only the euro area. But someone thinks that bankruptcy is inevitable. (more aunt here)

The koruna will also fluctuate large exchange rates against the US dollar. It was possible to buy it in mid-April and for 18.4 crowns, but this week it was sold and for the crown of dr. Last year at this time the dollar sold and for 20 crowns and the year before it even stood around 16 crowns.

In 2008, the dollar was historically the cheapest, the American currency was able to pay for less than 15 crowns due to the financial crisis in the USA. In the Czech Republic, a wave of interest in the purchase of goods from the USA via the Internet subsequently arose.

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