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ei have limited loans to vacation, preferring even more

The time when people owed themselves due to expensive holidays is over. Banks agree that when someone travels abroad, they prefer to use a credit card to pay. Thanks to the credit card, I owe the debt to be paid without giving a year.

Many people drank that drinking on vacation made no sense. It is advisable to invest in more durable values, such as the renovation of an apartment or the purchase of a new car.

“Last year we went on holiday to twenty thousand, but this year we will not go that far. We found out that the price is not due to the debt. Our children don’t care if they bathe in Croatia or Egypt, ”says Lucie from Liberec, who is 30 years old.

This is also confirmed by Denisa Saltkov from Potovn spoitelna: “In the past, people used to borrow you on holiday. In connection with the economic recession, this attitude has changed and the people still realize that it should be used primarily for insurance or long-term needs. ”

The financial company Cetelem also recorded a decrease in holiday loans. “The fact that the people do not take a holiday testifies to the arrest of a responsible approach to the rental of pensions for short-term projects,” says Martin Mal.

City of credit cards

Many people do not take loans for paid leave, but this does not mean that they will finance from their own resources. More and more often use credit cards for short-term loans.

“Purchases for short-term consumption show outside purchases via credit cards, which clients use more to buy holidays and to pay during holidays or as a financial reserve,” adds Hana Miencilova from GE Money Bank.

A credit card loan is especially suitable if you manage to repay the debt by the end of the good term (usually within 50 days), you do not pay for years. However, if you want to pay abroad or withdraw from an ATM abroad, however, follow the security rules (see our previous article on suspicious ATMs).

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