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Due to the continuing recession, the relationship with pensions is also reassessed. Households buy more efficiently and if mono at discounts. In poor areas, families even limit the purchase of basic household items, such as work. and on sweets for children.

Remaining neutretet and etit each crown. Such is the current consumer spell, which is used by more Czech households. And not only in regions with the lowest incomes and high unemployment, but practically throughout the country. This is confirmed by an ongoing study by Incoma GfK, which monitors a number of breeding farms.

Using a car even for some shoppers is a luxury for some families, an ever-growing trend to become a shopping mall. In shopping carts, so many expensive items and squadrons with acne discounts and price comparisons are now a very popular source of information, where you can buy goods as cheaply as possible.

“Meziron, we recorded more than 20 percent nrst of interest in the squadron of the event. Bn sellers discount by a percentage point. In each squadron, some goods are reduced by 50 percent or more. Informed customers can save every week an interesting pension, ”says Ondej Hloup, price comparison manager. As can be seen, the highest discounts, often and 80 percent, are for furniture and apartment accessories. High discounts are now available for winter sportswear, lye and seasonal goods.

The purchase of fresh food is influential

Due to the recession, there are also habits in grocery shopping. As long as this is an up-to-date analysis of consumer breeding customers registered in Clubcard Tesco.

“For fresh food, we are seeing strong purchases. People buy less and flourish on acne. The strongest customer responds to acne discount for milk, butter and flour, where local goods and marketing support also decide. For small products, there has been a decline, especially in yoghurt drinks and expensive vegetables, ”explains Jan William Dvok, a member of the Tesco business chain.

In short, keep people secret and shop much more vigorously so that they can consume food and if they do not throw away anything. They buy both bread and meat products with balance and less.


How equal was the purchase of the population in individual regions

“The demand for customers is shifting from loose bread to packaging. Less interest is about sweet packaged and unpackaged pastries. For meat products, there is a greater demand for oysters, oatmeal sausages and gossip working on hard sausages, patties and sausages, ”describes Dvok, who has made changes to the purchase of breeding customers. As he adds, the price also decides when buying meat. “It was mainly due to a decline in the purchase of beef, for which prices rose during the year.”

Lid et i na pracch prcch avivi

In poorer regions with high unemployment, people are starting to read even on households. “Customers have reduced the purchase of such boards and aviv. This decline mainly concerns the area of ​​Central and North Moravia, the entrance and northern areas, where people also buy less confectionery, ”describes Dvok changes in the regions.

Even while the people are still living, they are still waiting for acne offers and seasonal discounts so that they do not suffer the rest. The purchases of consumer goods, such as slingshots, refrigerators and televisions, are very influential. “It takes time for customers to look for the most suitable offer across the market. In this fight, the one who adds added value beyond the scope of the discount will win, for example, the length of the period and the connected consumption, ”notes Dvok.

Purchasing was stagnating, regional differences did not increase

The purchase of the population should have stagnated, for example, in the republic. The differences between rich and poor areas and municipalities do not widen it as it was in previous years. This is confirmed by a study by Incoma GfK, which regularly monitors how they have to look at their family budgets for the inhabitants of individual regions and municipalities.

Even with high living costs, the inhabitants of Prague and the surrounding area are still the best, where the high purchase rate is highest in the population. Compared to the average in the Czech Republic, Praan has a 31 percent higher income. On the other hand, for example, the inhabitants of the Moravian-Silesian, Zlín and especially regional regions have to face far-controversial personal and family differences, which are 40 percent lower than in Prague.

The level of purchasing power in the Czech Republic is well below the European average. “Compared to the average European, he has an average income that is less than 42 percent,” concludes Imon Dvorsk of Incoma GfK.

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