Wednesday May 25, 2022

ei utrat for vnon nkupy on the Internet and 18 billion crowns

Experts assume that the sales of online retailers will exceed a record and customers will spend 17 and 18 billion crowns on goods. Year after year, the number of people who buy kites on discount portals is growing.

While last year e-shops spent about 15 billion crowns in the first period, this year it should be about three billion more and a hundred, according to the forecast presented by David Anti from the port of and the Association of Ports of Mass Shopping, will increase in the coming years.

“The total sales of the e-shop last year were almost 38 billion crowns, of which 15 billion was spent on purchases made in January and December. This year, we will see that people spend 18 billion crowns before Vnoci17. In 2014, we assume that the limit of the total ronry will be broken, for example, in the amount of 50 billion, of which more than 20 billion will generate turnover, ”said.

“It is surprising that 70 percent of people of all ages, even seniors, shop on Czech Internet servers. Foreign portals are used mainly by young people, but the older generation certainly does not lag behind them. Let’s see the difference only between the sexes, where they clearly lead men, ”adds Ale Pospil from Potovn spořitelna.

Mda and electronics will lead again

Traders expect that especially online purchases on the Internet will not deviate from the whole trend. “The year 2012 was dominated by the unequivocal mda on the Czech Internet. The best sellers are clothes, shoes and copper accessories. According to customers, they often buy books, white goods, computers, televisions, telephones, tablets and perfumes, ”to David Anti.

The change compared to previous years will be the transfer of customers to discount servers, which usually offer goods with a discount between 40 and 90 percent.

“Due to the unfavorable economic situation, people are looking for ways to save and not burden the family budget. Sales of the largest discount portals are therefore still growing, ”adds Michal Hardyn from the discount comparison

According to the data of the discount search,, they should sell vouchers for 400 million crowns in December alone, which is 45 percent nrst compared to December 2011. ” .

V prmru utrat ei pt tisc korun

In a recent Era survey, however, the people turned out more vigorously. According to him, the Czech household spends an average of around five thousand crowns for this year, and the average price of poultry should be less than nine hundred.

He often spends on strokes for his partners, who do not hesitate to buy an expensive piece once. In addition to their counterparts, women are most often endowed with expensive sticks by their children. The most expensive stems under the tree are electronic devices, clothes, perks and cosmetics.

The fact that the popularity of online shopping is still growing, as evidenced by information from the price comparison. And it’s not just ethnicity that is growing, but I’m more and more shoppers.

“Customers have learned to buy goods and valuables on the Internet, which the two bought practically only in brick-and-mortar stores. In 2010, the average number of orders was over three thousand, now it is
1 962 crowns. The frequency of purchases on the Internet thus increased, as evidenced by the number of completed orders. This year, we estimate that 26.1 million orders will be realized, ”said Kamil Demuth from the shopping leader

According to David Antie, the biggest purchase on the Internet came during the first two Advent weeks. “During this period, the most customers are in full swing. Tet advent u is a little weak. The main reason is the fear that the recipients will not come under the tree, “concludes Anti.

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