Tuesday May 24, 2022

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Spring riots in Tunisia have accelerated the long-term trend – the popularity of this country among Czech tourists is declining. On the contrary, I am more likely to go to Turkey. In rare cases, at the arrest of the summer, it was possible to get last-minute trips to troubled cities for seven thousand sentences, but they still paid at least a thousand more.

“Compared to the price, overall prices have fallen slightly, thanks to strong crowns,” said Jan Pape, chairman of the Association of Travel Agencies. A week’s stay in Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt is at the last minute for 8 thousand crowns. Bulgaria, which is so popular this year, is offered for prices under 5 thousand crowns.

The competitive travel association, represented by Tomi Okamura, recently announced record cheap last-minute trips, mainly to Egypt and Tunisia. In rare cases, it was possible to get a week’s stay for prices below 7 thousand crowns. The best prices in history were confirmed by the sales director of Exim Tours, Jan Koln.

“On the contrary, holiday destinations are compared to previous years. This is due to the fact that, with the exception of Egypt and Tunisia, the last minute sales regime was not well known in the past, ”added Koln.

According to Michal Tmy, the largest sales office of Invia.cz, the largest sales office, most clients want a total holiday of up to 10,000 in the “all inclusive” category. “Sometimes it’s reln, sometimes it’s not,” says Darkness. Catalogs prices congress bvaj usually about aunt’s you.

The departure from Tunisia continues

m dl vc ech lkTurkey. Travelers agree that this country is a substitute for Egypt and Tunisia, or for Greece. Interest in Turkey has been growing for a long time, and this year it has been accelerated by unrest in other countries. Travel to Turkey also catches up with the western country, where this destination is a number of priorities in the east.

Invia.cz states that a holiday in Turkey in recent weeks has been voted against by a majority of people, similar to the Exim Tours team.

They are also used to shopping in acne offers. It can also be seen on the road. For example, Exim Tours has been increasing the number of clients since 2008, but sales have been declining. This forces the office to reach out to sea and make last-minute departures, which are only suitable for them in that they do not have to pay cancellation fees for contracting capacity with airlines. Exim Tours says that Tunisia will sell only 60 percent of the expected capacity and 80 percent to Egypt.

Mon vs ek pjemnj obsluha

Positive for clients who travel to politically troubled countries, I have a friendly breeding staff. “Hotel staff and service providers approach foreign visitors with above-standard friendliness, because they are not unusual in their renewed tourist traffic,” said CK edok marketing director Tom Brejcha. In the burrow did not travel to Egypt in the dark and the hotel there is now a tourist with an open burrow.

The traditional big deal this year is about Croatia and Italy, where there is also a ride on its own axis.

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