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Eight questions about car insurance on incl

And if you decide to lease or vr, in any case, ask for an extra pension for insurance. For example, you can use bonuses, which you collect during the flight fulfilled.

1. Will I be able to keep my star obligated when buying a car?

Leasing companies usually require you to arrange a new connection directly when buying a car. This may be more suitable for all of you, not if you buy it on your own axis. As a wholesaler, they have a number of discounts with insurance companies. Some companies, such as Santander Consumer Finance, allow you to arrange the insurance yourself.

2. I will take the obligation to take over a real estate or leasing company. But then I won’t be able to claim the bonuses I went out…
You can pay for the insurance in two ways. Either in many installments and in that case you really can’t claim your bonuses. You do not have to worry about the fact that the insurance company is satisfied over the years, the rate is guaranteed at all times.
The second option is to pay the obligation once a year and take care of the fact that the insurance company will raise prices.
You can take your bonuses into account. It pays off when you have a lot of them.

3. What about bonuses when I drive without accidents during leasing? Can I then apply them to my own insurance?

The bonuses that you collect during the flight are “hidden” and you can take them into account when the car is yours and you will take out a new insurance policy. Get a certificate of bonuses, ie a smooth process, from the previous insurance company, even if you were listed on the previous contracts only as a “vehicle operator”.

4. Do I have an obligation to insure myself in an accident?
When you buy a car on behalf of the bank, it is up to you to decide whether to insure yourself against the landslide, natural disaster or traffic accidents that you cause yourself.
But when the car is leased and you have the lease paid in all the time, they will require an emergency insurance company from all companies. An exception is Santander Consumer Finance and Vltavn, which do not require an “emergency” in their business strategy for loans up to CZK 150,000.

5. Dsm finds out that the car is full or they will steal it from me. I will receive from the insurance company only half of the original price of the car. Doplatm vr a prodlm…
Really delay the total code. But you can take out insurance against value loss. For example, Carelife offers EuroGAP Classic, which protects the investment in your car for three years from purchase. The principle of foreclosure, in the event that someone steals it or knows the car during a demolition, pays EuroGAP the difference between the price of the time it takes at the time of the insurance event and the price of the purchaser.
For a car worth 500,000 crowns, pay 13,500 crowns for three years. The disadvantage is that you have to arrange the insurance within t msc of buying the car.

6. What will happen to the pension when I break into a car, which is leased and it is necessary to go to the service station with it?

For repairable codes, you do not have to lose a lot, pay the most agreed co-payment. Inform the insurance company and the leasing company that owns the car. The liquidator of the insurance company must inspect the car before repairing it and document the scope of the code, for example take a picture.
Dl vs wait for these options:

    • pay the code directly to the authorized service and invoice the insurance company,
    • insurance pension is the largest field of leasing of the company, which is subsequently
    • pay the repair service itself and the payment goes fully off vs.

7. Does it pay me to pay for an accident insurance at all?
If you consider yourself a good person and do not be afraid to cause an accident yourself, you can only arrange insurance in case of theft and other codes, which will be cheaper. When you have your car covered in a car cover again and don’t worry that someone will steal it from you, you can close the fuse just in case you break down.
Another option is to pay the insurance with full coverage only for the period when you are going on a long journey, you on vacation, and for the rest of the year to pay only the amount that you deem appropriate.
Just keep in mind that if you have a car on lease, the insurance companies will be able to pay the company’s leases in full, not in.

8. Can I have any insurance at the emergency insurance?
For new cars, uette when you restore it. The value of the car gradually decreases the amount of money that the insurance company pays in the event of a heart attack or a total accident. The price of the insurance, which would remain in the original, will decrease when you terminate the contract every year and have it converted again to the current value of the car.
For example, at Allianz in the case of the 2007 Fabia Ambiente 1.2 car, you pay CZK 4,415 in insurance premiums. So a total of 13,245 crowns over the years. If you agreed to reduce the premium every year, as the value of the car decreased, the total insurance would cost only 11,298 crowns. dispute 1,947 crowns.

If you have a fuse arranged on your own, it is easy to change it. Call the insurance company and calculate a new “emergency” for the current price of your car. Each state determines the situation according to its own tables and, of course, badly whether they have not matured since last year. If e uette, go to the branch in person and terminate the contract.
You close a new one immediately and pay the first installment. The surcharge from the old contract will come in sweat or on et.

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