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Eight v door-to-door retailers you should check out

Novoron increased energy, not only because of VAT, but also due to prices for distribution, I can accept many of the money. One way is to change suppliers. You wonder how not to be fooled by the deft murders of sales representatives.

“First in this period, customers are the most sensitive and can easily come across the guaranteed claim of doorstep sellers, which in some cases are not true at all,” said analyst Martin Koutn from the portal and add:

“In practice, let’s encounter two types of approaches. In the first case, the sales representative will present himself / herself the product he / she offers and qualified to answer all questions related to the change of supplier. The second case is the breeding of these representatives outside the law. “

Together with the portal, we have prepared eight vt for vs, which you should pay particular attention to and advise how to arm yourself.

If anyone forces you to sign a contract quickly, it should be the first sign of an unqualified business.

rememberthat you do not make a suitable offer between the two and you invest in its cancellation by the time you shorten by signing the contract quickly.

He pretends to be a representative of society, to which he does not belong, is beyond the borders of the law. Some dealers pretend to be employees of the distribution system operator (DSO), with the DSO reducing the cost of transport for the supply of energy, and if you want to pay for cheap transmission, you must sign a new contract.

rememberthat the rates for distribution are determined by the decision of the Energy Regulatory Board (ER) and the day of the sales representative cannot provide a discount on these services.

In this case, the sales representative will probably contact your supplier and refer to a change in the business conditions under which the energy supply contract must be re-signed.

rememberthat the supplier is obliged to inform his order about this fact at least 30 days in advance, only in writing (e-mail, letter, SMS). The customer then less than ten days before the validity of this change dt vpov.

The sales representative submits a document, which he claims is non-binding or informative and requires a signature. In fact, it is a contract with a new supplier.

rememberthat the signature always binds him. Because you should always be sure of what you are signing. Most contracts are of the type type with the name, address and number of the procurement city. All these indications should suggest that this is only neatly rejected, disagreed with the price increase and the like.

The sales representative requires a simultaneous printing, at its base I will pay a lower price. There may also be a case where he says that one supplier has been represented (this is the better option).

rememberthat this does not take the form of a qualified sale. So find out, if you pay me, but at the end of the year you will receive a surcharge and when you disburse it, find out that you have not actually saved anything.

With this false information, the communication of the representative, who is included in the new contract with better conditions than the one who originally had, went bankrupt.

rememberthat the failure of the supplier does not mean disconnected from the power supply. The customer is always a supplier of last resort, who in the event of certain cases is obliged to supply electricity to customers at prices set by the Energy Regulations. The customer is always informed in writing about this fact.

One of the most popular greeting cards, in which representatives usually ask for the invoice to be printed.

rememberthat it is not a professional offer and it should end the conversation.

One of the last cases that has been recorded is the sale of electricity, where the representative pretends to be an employee of your supplier. Imagine that, at first glance, they regularly hang with your supplier’s logo and offer a discount when switching to another tariff.

remember, in this case it is really an unethical breeding on the border of the law. Here the hunter must really pay attention to which materials he signs and to whom they relate.

When you become a victim of this one, remember one. Never sign anything and never show an existing contract, deposit or other financial means. Always take all the documents provided by the sales representative of the pin and always make his contact.

If you decide to change your energy supplier to another, and through the website or the door-to-door retailer, you should always read all the documents relating to the change before signing the contract.

Don’t be afraid to ask sales representatives for a passport you don’t understand or aren’t sure about.

If you are not satisfied with the answer, most suppliers have customer lines where you can find out everything you are interested in. If the trader does not want to disassemble these belts, it is the first sign of unprofessionalism.

How to know the businesswoman of the largest supplier

We asked the representatives of our largest energy suppliers how the people know that any trade representative is not fraudulent.

“Our sales representative is aware of the first look by the accessories, leather plates with the company logo and badge, they can prove themselves with an identity card, a sales representative’s certificate and identified by an EZ Group slog card. In addition to the name of the sales representative, it also contains a unique certificate, which can be verified on our website, or by calling the customer line, ”says EZ Martin Schreier, saying that the seller’s database is updated every day, . ”The agency did not depend on the monitoring of customer satisfaction using services. If the customer is dissatisfied, we assume the fault of the sales representative and the principle that the customer is right, ”adds Schreier.

According to the spokesman of the company E.ON Vladimír Vcha, they also look for the quality of the sale of both our partners and traders who have a contract directly with the company. Each sales representative has an identified card, if it is the right one, it can be checked on the customer line
840 111 333.

Bohemia Energy sellers report with an identified card in the form of a credit card with the company logo. “The card contains a clear photo with the sales representative and so on the information line, where the customer, in case of doubt, can have the person verified,” warns Libor Holub, sales director of Bohemia Energy.

A representative of the Czech Energy Center proves himself / herself with a certificate, which he / she obtains after passing the knees and after passing the exam. The certificate states the name, date of birth, address of permanent residence and details of the company. You can find the store’s identity on the infoline and on the website, where you can enter the ID of the seller, which is stated in the contract. ”Customers actively use these possibilities in practice. In addition, within three days of concluding the contract, we will make a verified call, where we will call the customer and verify whether the sale went smoothly and the salesman provided all the relevant information, ”adds Pavel Krumpr.

“Prask energetika will set up its sales reseller to sell electricity at home, so we have sales offices. So if someone comes to two and says that it comes from PRE or from the name PRE, then let, ”speak PRE Petr Holubec.

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