Tuesday May 24, 2022

eknte si o hotovost prodavai

A novelty has recently arrived on our market, which will allow clients to withdraw cash at checkouts in stores. It is not yet a classic cashback, as banks have long talked about it, but in many ways it looks like it. M u ns future? Who will offer it and who wants to introduce the classic cashback soon?

The term cashback is defined as the payment of cash to the holder of a payment card by a merchant after the purchase has been made by payment card. This service is well known and relatively widely used abroad. The CoR is a novelty, which will bring a long-term supply of services connected with payment cards.

Cashback: u ns novelty, jinde classic

A novelty in R (but so in Poland and Italy) and tm tradinou promise connected with payment cards Abroad (eg in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Denmark, but also in other regions, such as Jin Africa, Singapore and the USA), the so-called cashback, or cash withdrawal at a store, is associated with payment by credit card after the purchase.

The first installment of our service was the Datart store, which has been offering a cashback service similar to the cashback service since mid-August to its customers – the holder of the credit card from Cetelem. They can withdraw between 200 and 5,000 crowns at the Datart box office without linking to the purchase of cash (which is one of the differences compared to the classic slub cashback). The company is considering a diverse range of payment cards, the holder of which will also be able to use cashback.

Where you will be able to withdraw cash according to your purchase, either completely free of charge, pp. with a fee, uke the future. Zatm speaks of the introduction of services such as. Ahold (Albert, Hypernova) and will certainly not be the last. The birth should take place probably during the first year.

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And what about banks?

SOB and Potovn spoitelna decided to go their own way, which will offer its promise at the turn of the third and fourth quarters of this year under the conditions of different from Datart, but in compliance with the rules of the VISA association. Cash, which clients will be able to withdraw only on their own terminals banks (shops, gas stations, etc. – always marked with the full cashback logo), it will probably reach values ​​between 300 and 1,500 crowns, regardless of your payment for the purchase. Not only the holder of VISA payment cards, but also MasterCard, debit and credit cards will be able to use it, and the owner of electronic cards will not be left out either.

Other banks are secretly introducing the cashback service during 2007, when the Visa association is fully implemented. MasterCard wants to apply the promise to go by the end of this year.

Free or for a fee?

The fee policy of merchants and banks that offer cashback is not uniform even abroad and will probably not be uniform even with us. In the United Kingdom and the United States, the collection of cash is usually not charged, in the Czech Republic the bank’s services are usually charged with future fees. Datart does not currently charge for the service. In the event of a fee, it will probably be around five crowns.


you have hundreds of crowns

Pro se tit on cashback

Choosing a small amount of cash at the same time as paying for the purchase of anything is quite tempting. It is thus possible to save not only the time, but perhaps (according to the set fee for cashback) also on the difference in the fee charge for withdrawing cash from an ATM, which, moreover, is not always at hand. Undoubtedly, there will be a number of cities where cash can be withdrawn and the client = customer will not have to rely only on the ATM of any bank. Traders will also find the world in cashback, or small withdrawals with total cash in the store. The novelty will help me to increase the safety of employees who are forced to dispose of cash.

In general, it will fly first and foremost on the currently very sensitive dark, namely the fees that the client will incur after he decides to withdraw cash directly from the businesswoman. Another important factor is the cash limit, which is obtained within the cashback client service. The novelty could also lead to the payment of payment cards for goods and services even those clients, their resistance to the use of payment cards for payments at the store has been and still is strong.

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