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emeslnci pay this year ni dan

Everyone who runs a craft can deduct 80 percent from new income. You don’t have to hide invoices and receipts, which is more convenient for them.

The tax return formula fills in about two million people every year. The deadline for payment of income tax is irresistible bl. Those who dare to use the form without a tax advisor will submit it no later than March 31, 2010. A number of changes will be made during the completion of the business.

There were puls

A small businessman who takes away the so-called paul from you will be happy. In addition to agricultural activity and rent, Paul rose sharply.

Craftsmen can leave as much as eight hundred percent in 2009. For other activities, paul increases from 50 to 60 percent. Even those who have income from business, but do not have a business license, can get one hundred percent of the data. These are, for example, lawyers, cars, lkai, artists and athletes.

Compare in paul
activity 2008 2009
agricultural production, forestry and water management 80 % 80 %
emesln ivnost 60 % 80 %
the last ivnost 50 % 60 %
jin podnikn 40 % 60 %
pronjem 30 % 30 %

Whoever, whether to apply the actual costs and state paul, will have to sweat for a while. Probably many who have so far kept ethnicity and tax records and reported actual data will lose work.

Attention to additional daov piznn

If you decide to switch from ethnic group to flat rates and you have a business loan, you rented a car or you bought goods in stock, according to the additional tax return for 2008.

In this application you must supply all outstanding receivables, bonds and amounts reported at the end of the year. In layman’s terms, “everything must be at zero.” Receivables and methods zklad dan zv and volumes sn.

In order not to make a mistake in the additional tax return, it is better to arrange the help of a tax advisor. Don’t worry, his help won’t be expensive. “As far as the actual supply, receivables and the like are concerned, you should fit into the thousand crowns,” reassures the tax advisor Alena Foukalov.

You don’t have to fold the book to go

Instead of a daily ID card, where they went, a small business owner can now ask for a flat fee for transport. So they won’t have to suffer with a book of rides.

The possibility concerns both natural and first-time persons. The condition is that no one but the entrepreneur is allowed to drive the vehicle even after a hundred months. So you have to deal with the fact that in the package you include all the fuel costs and parking costs and you can tie it to a maximum of three cars.

The use of paula will be suitable especially for those who drive a relatively small kilometer with their car, depending on the type of car and its consumption up to two thousand kilometers. When this alternative will not be suitable for entrepreneurs, they can remain with the current book.

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