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End of clay coins in Czech

So you noticed that wallets are from day to day? It is not that we are rich, but the structure of cash. I have a portfolio of coins in circulation in favor of coins made of precious metals. So will the end be a clay coin?

Who’s behind tm

The only institution that can first influence the livelihood in the country in any way is centralln banka. The central bank in the Czech Republic is the Czech National Bank (according to NB only). It is the only one that can issue banknotes and coins first, as well as commemorative coins. It can also be declared invalid and withdrawn from circulation (so-called demonetization). The NB promises first to arrange the printing of banknotes and coinage and imposes the obligation to supervise the protection and security of the circulation of unissued banknotes and coins and the storage and disposal of printing plates, stamps and invalid and discarded banknotes and coins.

Clay coins

Recently, there were those kinds of clay coins in our circulation. They were tens, twenties and forgeries. The validity of 10 h and 20 h of coins was terminated on 31.10.2003, however, you can go to 31.10.2009 or use the coins to exchange coins for coins, as well as banknotes of denominations valid. The exchange can be made in cash at the box office, pp. uloenm and et.

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Although dimes and twenties cannot be tied to the payment, as confirmed by the NB, they still remain in circulation in large quantities. By July 11, 2006, only 13.25% of the twenty coins and 12.10% of the dimes from their total sweat were returned from circulation (sweat from the maximum number of coins in circulation: dimes 720,523,743 pieces and dimes 541,071,636 pieces). The reason for coins remains in circulation in such quantities, they may have a low purchase value, as well as transport costs. The exchange of invalid 10 h and 20 h coins is possible at the only branches in the NB (in Prague, Pilsen, Hradec Krlov, Brno, Ostrava, Czech Budjovice and St. Nad Labem).

For miz clay coins

A look into history

What has happened to our livelihood in the last 25 years? It is impossible not to mention the division of the SFR into two separate states R and SR and the subsequent monetary separation. In 1993, the NB finally replaced the original central bank – the National Bank of Czechoslovakia (SBS). In the same year, a new Czech crown was created, in the form (with small variations of the new designs replacing the original from 1993), which we know today. Since that year, new banknotes with a value of 5,000 K have also appeared in our livestock, and since 1996 a banknote with a nominal value of 2,000 K has appeared.

When deciding on the abolition of small, very popular coins of denominations of 10 and 20 halls would play a significant role in the production costs of the ship. They exceeded the face value of coins, with large quantities of them in circulation, but only a small percentage of them returned from circulation. The problematic handling of such small coins also meant a tendency towards loud talks about their cancellation.

You can find the current state of pensions in circulation as of July 11, 2006 here.

Zmiz i padestnky?

A few days ago, information appeared on the months about the cancellation of the last clay coins with a face value of 50 hours. They usually remain on the shelves when paying in cash, and neither merchants nor customers stand in any way. So will the fate of the dimes and the twenties meet?

For the time being, probably until and until 2007, the contract concluded by the NB with the exclusive supplier of Czech grain, the Czech Mint, for the payment of 50 hours of coins is valid. Therefore, if they are canceled, definitely not during the fewest months.

Who offers the best service-price-availability ratio?

Now let’s take a look at the moment from clay coins and look at coins made of precious metals (coins with values ​​of 1,2,5,10,20 and 50 K). One of them currently appears in me and is relatively easy to exchange for a coin with a face value. Yes, it’s about padestikorunch.

Surely no one has told you that you will not get a paddy paper crown in a metal shop. What’s the point? NB m velk resources 50 K coins from the nineties of the last century. It therefore decided to issue coins of all kinds and to stop printing new banknotes of this value. With the withdrawal of 50 K banknotes, however, there is no need, they will disappear from circulation with a natural dwelling, ie wear and tear, and otherwise damaged banknotes will not be replaced by banknotes, but only by coins made of precious metals.

What about financial supervision

According to the latest information from the NB, changes in the short time horizon in the Czech Republic will not occur. However, the central bank cannot completely rule out the expiry of certain nominal values ​​before moving to the common European mnu. It is also not possible to exclude the issuance of some banknotes or coins in the form of changes altered against the present. The probability of the expiry of a denomination or the issuance of a new banknote or coin would increase if the term of the common currency of the European currency were postponed beyond the expected date of 1.1.2010.

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Canceled which coins would be the most sweaty? Clay or, conversely, coins with the highest face value? Dark on your nzory.

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