Wednesday May 25, 2022

Entrepreneurs can insure against a fighter only abroad

Domestic companies can insure themselves against the code caused by the unit only for foreign insurance companies. But the insured must arrange your time, not when the threat is imminent. At the same time, entrepreneurs cannot arrange insurance for their own companies, the Association of Czech Binding Macros (APM) pointed out in the first day of the press.

According to APM, do not offer domestic insurance companies against insurance, because there is no interest in it among clients. “Due to the advancing crisis, the current social calm in the Czech Republic is changing rapidly. In addition, a number of companies are still more dependent on their business partners abroad, and I am therefore harmed by, for example, transport in the other side of the world, ”said APM Deputy Chairman Ivan Pirakus.

After a recent banquet, Czech Airlines pilots are currently threatening to work as an employee of a Prague transport company. In order to insure against the effects of the unit, it is valid that it cannot be agreed if the unit is prepared for use in newspapers and the code is in imminent danger. “It would be the same as to close the flood defenses in Prague, when it is heated by the Esk Budjovice,” Pirakus pointed out.

For example, a strike on the railway can cripple the purchase of goods or the supply of raw materials, and a strike at both the supplier’s supplier and the customer will lead to known business losses due to the cessation of production. The code itself can then cause a loss of profit and need or increase various costs, you need for alternative transport. According to Pirakus, the basis for the preparation of insurance is therefore a thorough analysis of the risks and full continuity of business for the case.

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