Wednesday May 25, 2022

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Discount portals use it for seventy-seven percent of them, and the number of fans is especially popular with the elderly. This is reported by KPMG. It might seem that the people portlm with discounts in. But not always everything is as it should be.

There were recently two hundred discount portals on the Czech market recently, today there are a few more than a hundred of them. Crash not only small, but also in the game (about the end of one of them here), the field will be secured.

“A fundamental problem with discount portals is their inability to hit a regular clientele. Most of the nvtvnk buy one-off on them, ”explains Michal Bare from KPMG. And if I want to hit the customers, I can’t fool them. This is one of the basic rules of business. Unfortunately, not everyone who rushed to the discount market is one of the most serious.

Less than a year ago, a black list of partners of the discount portals was created (read more here), where not only bulk shopping among themselves, but also customers exchange experiences with individual retailers. “With Bloklist, we are constantly monitoring the situation and trying to support customers who are not indifferent to various portals, and even if they do not follow the principles of solar buying and selling,” said server operator Martin Bare.

Don’t worry, discount aggregators do not respond

The effort with the pins is the first results.

According to him, there is a significant step forward, because the elements of aggregators were all discount portals thrown into one bag and customers who buy first through aggregators believed that if some of all aggregators offer a discount from those portals, then they will certainly be in the horseshoe.

“We were the first to draw attention to the problems of this portal, we listed it on the blacklist of the Association of Portable Shopping Portals,” to Martin Bare and add a few phone calls or correspondence from the provider, as they have. enforce pensions when the portl owes them, and vice versa, how should people use vouchers when the portl does not communicate with them.

The operator of the list of discount port partner partners was happy if the top portals, which now work with Bloklist, were joined by representatives of the largest on the Czech market. .This is mainly low-quality Swarovski goods, but you also have restaurants and salons that do not treat customers correctly.

AdviceNo, you decide to buy

  1. Check with your provider before buying. Feel free to ask by phone or email. If the merchant does not communicate with you, there is an error somewhere.
  2. Don’t be afraid to contact the discount portal itself. From the first communication, find out how it accesses its offers.
  3. Find out more on the internet. Discussions on discount portals are dark everywhere you go through them, and find out whether or not to buy from the discussed portals.
  4. Take a look at the ratings. Some aggregators are rated by the providers themselves, who can advise me on whether to buy a discount. Aggregators who do not have a rating do not have to be so informed, and thus they may escape them at first.
  5. Take a look at the payment options of discount portals. In most cases, there is a possibility of payment by card, if you do not have it, it is possible that the bank rejected this option. Of course, this does not mean that the portal is wrong, it is just a guide to help me make a decision.
  6. Communicate. Quality port has a clear location communication channels: phone, chat, the ability to answer questions…
  7. Get in touch. Both the discount portal and the provider should clearly state their company details.
  8. The ideal port is the one that is interested in its customers, it is, for example, connected to the port, which collects information about fraudulent offers.


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