Wednesday May 25, 2022

esk ekonomika se veze vzhru na nmecko-nsk vln

The German economy is accelerating exports to Asia and the United Stt. The Czech industry benefits from this, only the supply of products to growing German companies. Of these, dl go to the Entrance and the Fall.

The crisis in the Czech Republic has avoided the hottest heat in Asia and the growing Amerian militia. If we export at least to the United States, we export at least and Czech products have no sound there?

This does not matter, because the production of Czech industries, which up the entire domestic economy, is hidden under the sticker of Made in Germany.

The Czech economy thus benefits again from its connection to Germany, which is the second largest export in the world (it has only recently beaten it).

Domestic products and semi – finished products take a short break with their neighbors, and from there they have it in popular German goods – mainly to Asia, the United States and Latin America.

German imports to countries outside the EU increased by 20 percent

“It is mainly the domestic engineering and electrical engineering industry. He used it as an entry into German production, and its result then developed for a long time, ”comments Martin Lobotka, an analyst at esk spoitelna, only on Thursday, he analyzed the bank’s analysis of the future condition of esk and its exports.

In the first few years of the summer alone, German exports to countries outside the European Union increased by twenty percent. For Germany, they represent tens of percent of all exports.

These are either technological units (eg production lines, machines), to which Czech companies contribute and which are subsequently used in the final country for the production of other goods, or Germany is developing a classic popular product for long-term consumption. These are your cars, which in turn contain lengths made by us.

It is the largest German and therefore also the Czech customer from non-European countries, and its economy is still growing rapidly. In the second quarter, it added 10.3 percent to its GDP, and in a richer country, consumption of goods produced in Europe will increase, while two on the old continent demanded high technology. Products are then created on them, which are returned in the form of cheap German imports of consumer goods and back to the Czech Republic.

“It’s interesting to watch you go through the DVD playback process. It says Made in China, but the machines on which they are made can come from Germany, ”said David Navrtil, the main economist of the Czech savings bank.

Germany still has a strong position in Europe. Until now, they do more, not from there. This is a unique situation in Europe, not only in Europe, because in other countries the Czech Republic in the Czech Republic promotes an excellent trade balance.

“It is the longest-lasting export market for German manufacturers. U is even in the United States, “said Dirk Schlotbller of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Thursday.

According to him, there are 500,000 jobs in Germany to each other and five percent of the total German exports. “We say that exports will grow faster there than in other countries,” Schlotbller added.

In recent months, Germany has also been hit by the weakening euro, which has lost 8% in Vienna since last December. Thanks to this, the products of German exports also became cheaper. Although the European currency weakened mainly due to the problems of the euro area, or its other debt side, it also brought a positive recovery for European exports from the north. This is one of the reasons why many people say that Germany has made a whole conglomerate for their failing country to weaken the euro.

Czech exports, from which the whole aunt goes to Germany, so it grows neighbors and contributes to the overall improving indicator in industry and in the domestic economy.

The Czech economy will be hampered by government disputes and a strong koruna

esk spoitelna estimates that GDP will grow by 1.8 percent this year compared to a typical percentage decline. The Ministry of Finance published its forecast on Thursday, estimates growth at 1.6 percent and Raiffeisenbank’s most pessimistic was given the one percent growth of the Czech economy. According to the industry, the industry should continue to grow, albeit at a slower pace.

The biggest unknown for the further development of the domestic economy will be the impact of local cuts and reforms. Due to them, Raiffeisenbank reduced the estimate of economic growth in the first year by half a percentage point to two percent. esk spoitelna proves that due to its ownership and exchange will disappear from the economy and five billion crowns and GDP will grow by only 1.7 percent.

Market analysts agree on the gradual strengthening of the Czech currency against the euro, which could jeopardize the growth of the Czech industry in the event of a rapid fluctuation. Due to the new movements, companies lose profits, have costs to hedge against fluctuations, and in the event of sending the crown, they lose their competitive advantage.

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