Tuesday May 24, 2022

Esk spoitelna became the bank of the year. U confirmations in the history of the competition

The professional jury, which awarded the title Bank of the Year, especially appreciated the fact that esk spoitelna was able to master communication with clients and partners. Even with the problems that its parent bank faced in the first months of the year.

esk spoitelna appeared in leading cities in all banking categories, except for the competition in 2009.

Like the winners in the class, there is usually not much change, nor are there any significant changes in the main category of the competition. Until 2007, esk spoitelna and Komern banka held the top positions. Last year, Raiffeisenbank occupied the first city. Even this year, the same financial statements appear in the first three cities, mainly in the Bank of the Year category.

“The fact that the ‘certified’ banks have been placed, probably related to the fact that even in times of crisis, people prefer certainty, which was reflected in the votes of the expert jury,” comments Petr Stuchlk from Fincentrum, which organizes the Bank of the Year.

An expert jury voted in this category. The award-winning bank of the year is the voice of the people. In this case, the public brought the court to the bank through a survey by the STEM / MARK agency.

The highest representatives of domestic banks also have their own category. Last year, she became Ji Kunert from UniCredit Bank. This year, the title Bank of the Year 2009 was awarded to Gernot Mittendorfer, who is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of esk spoitelna.

Complete results

Bank within 2009
1. msto: esk spoitelna
2nd place: Komern Bank
3. msto: Raiffeisenbank
The most beautiful bank of 2009
1. msto: esk spoitelna
2nd place: Komern Bank
3rd city: Czechoslovak Commercial Bank
The most dynamic bank of 2009
1. msto: Raiffeisenbank
2. msto: GE Money Bank
3. msto: esk spoitelna
Bank of the year 2009
Gernot Mittendorfer, esk spoitelna
and roku 2009
1st city: Raiffeisenbank – eKonto
2nd city: BRE Bank SA, organizational unit of the company – mBank – mkonto
3. msto: UniCredit Bank Czech Republic – Konto MOZAIKA
vr year 2009
1st place: Komern Bank – Optimal Pjka
2nd place: esk spoitelna – Pjka S
3. msto: GE Money Bank – Expres pjka
Hypot of the year 2009
1st city: Hypoten banka – Mortgage on the web
2. msto: Komern banka – Flexibiln hypotka
3. msto: esk spoitelna – Ideln hypotka S
Pension Fund of the Year 2009
1st city: Allianz pension fund
2nd place: Pension fund esk pojiovny
3rd city: Penzijn fond Komern banky
Building society of the year 2009
City 1: Modr pyramida stavebn spoitelna
2nd city: eskomoravsk stavebn spoitelna
3rd place: Wstenrot – building society
Pojiovna of 2009
1. msto: Kooperativa, pojiovna – VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP
2. msto: esk pojiovna
3. msto: alliance pojiovna
last year, 2009
1. msto: Pojiovna esk spoitelny – FLEXI
2. msto: AEGON Pojiovna – AEGON Invest & Live
3rd place: Cooperative, pojiovna – Perspective 6 BN
The most dynamic company of 2009
1. msto: DIRECT Pojiovnan
2. msto: Kooperativa, pojiovna – VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP
3rd city: esk podnikatelsk pojiovna – VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP
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