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Even with a low income, you can buy an apartment on a mortgage. You don’t have to be alone

Insufficient income or the absence of a suitable stock may not be a good thing to get a mortgage. A parent or partner can help me. They will become roommates, or they will ruin their property. When the situation changes, they can take themselves out of the buzz at any time. Banks recommend this option in contracts.

People come to the mortgage to negotiate at a time when they can afford to meet it, which is when they “have it”. Even people who live in a mortgage often need people who do not have enough income or do not have a suitable mortgage to provide it. Even for them one can find one, they can invite a parent or partner to help them.

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The young hunter becomes independent, has his income and is about to leave his family’s home. If his parents did not find him in the apartment or inherited him from his grandparents, then the only eenm is to buy him on a mortgage. For many banks, I have a low income. At this moment, his roommates can be born and help him with fulfillment.

“The mortgage applicant must prove that the income is enough to meet the requirements. Rodies usually come when the offspring may not get enough income. I only need the income of one of them, it is not necessary for both parents to prove it, if the total income for the provision of a mortgage is one hundred, ”explains Irena Zatloukalov from Hypoten banka

The coincidence is that if you give a child (go without a bad income) and his birth, the income is considered as if it were related to one household, not to two. This will help many young people to achieve the necessary creditworthiness for the bank, ”adds Zatloukalov.

To make enough for a mortgage bank, require standard documents, which are needed when buying an apartment. You can find a detailed list of banks on their websites. In addition, some banks procure for example a picture from the cadastral map, an entry from the cadastre of real estate and expresn estimate the price of the apartment.

Rodies can get out of the heat at any time

At the moment when I accept the offspring, there is no need for his births to figure in the mortgage. For the bank, her income is “dtte” and the mortgage can only be his bundle.

For a mortgage exporter, you need to fill out a simple form, which you can find either on the web or by selling it at a bank branch. Then u just a hundred doloit income and msn data of the household of a young hunter. Births can be removed from the mortgage at any time, even during a fixed period. Withdrawal of co-length has no effect on the multi-year rate.

Give parents help even when buying a rough apartment

You can get a mortgage loan, but there are errors in the balance that you could ruin. You will get into this situation the moment you buy a drustevn apartment. Due to the fact that the apartment will not be in your personal ownership, the bank will not accept it as a lien for incl. (In the event that the apartment will be transferred to personal ownership within a year or two, you will be able to pay more than once before.)

But nothing is lost, the bank accepts other non-purchased real estate as collateral. With their apartment and house, parents can ruin it. The condition is that the value of the mortgaged property is at least in similar values. In this case, no roommates are born, nor do they have to prove their income, they only submit documents for real estate.

Similarly, you can stop the property of the family (or other relatives) even when you need to finance the construction of a family house with a mortgage.

You can change the balance in advance in the contract

At the moment when the crumbly apartment passes into your personal ownership and the family house is delivered, it is possible to take the property related to the mortgage and replace it with a new one. You can do so at any time during the process, but banks recommend this possibility to think about it when closing a mortgage. “It is necessary to swap the exchange from the first moment, the advantage is that the bank agrees to the exchange in advance and agrees to it in the contract with a possible exchange. Of course, provided that the mortgage values ​​are obtained, ”points out Irena Zatloukalov.

When changing the balance, you must prove its value and the owner. Once it is verified that the value of the new mortgage is sufficient, the mortgage will simply move to the mortgage from the old object of the vru (for example, be a parent) to a new one (for example, a privately owned child).

Unmarried partners are considered as two households

Unmarried partners who want to live together in real estate can also finance the purchase of an apartment with mortgages. Of course, only one of them can apply for a mortgage and the apartment will then only be owned by him. In this case, the bank assesses only his income and expenses, and the type of partner does not figure in the figure at all.

If they have both of them on their property, they are on both. For the bank, there is always one main length and one type of co-length, but the only real influence is on who will receive correspondence about the heat. In essence, all possible changes concern both co-suns. “We usually determine the main length according to the income, but it is not a necessity. First, they are both joint and several, they have the same first and responsibilities, ”explains Zatloukalov.

Both partners must prove their income and their expenses. Consider yourself as two households;

If there is a breakup of an unmarried lane, one of them can take over the mortgage and take the other partner out. The bank then acquired the title to the property. It is necessary to pay attention to enough income to be able to meet the mortgage. Even in this case, I can ask for temporary help from the parents who become co-suns.

As he puts into the game, a wonderful partner comes into play. The simplest one, however, is the sale of real estate and the division of uttered pensions.

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