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Expert advice on how to quickly and easily change gas suppliers


Pl vs high you for gas? You can go by switching to another supplier. It is good to prepare the change so that the bag runs smoothly, it is good to prepare in advance. Tom Such from the portal answers the most frequently asked customer questions.

When is the best time to change supplier?
The standard notice period for changing gas suppliers is three months, the heating list will start in mid-November. For this reason, it is best to make the change in June and July. You will buy cheap gas from a new supplier from June and November.

Is there anything paying when changing suppliers?
Changing the energy supplier is completely free and nothing is paid. We only recommend checking the business conditions with your existing supplier. Penalty fees for premature termination of the contract may be provided there if it has been agreed for a definite period.

How to change supplier?
Changing the supplier is easy and the whole process can be completed in fifty minutes. When you change your supplier to, a trained specialist will call you, help with pre-filling contracts and answer any questions associated with the transition to a new supplier. Contracts together with business conditions will then come to you. You will check the data, sign it and fly it back to the address where we will process it and issue all the administration associated with the change. Then the contracts are forwarded to the new supplier and after processing the due time. At the end of the notice period, obtain cheap gas from a new supplier.

How long does the transfer take?
The standard notice period is for you and usually one new supplier to process contracts. In the event that the current supplier has changed his business conditions or prices, it is possible to withdraw from the contract with a shortened due time and the whole process is thus faster.

Should I inform my current supplier about any changes?
You do not need to contact your current supplier, you will be notified by a new supplier. We only recommend that you report the current status of your gas meter by e-mail or telephone on the last day when you will be with the current supplier. In return for this information, then calculate a surcharge or arrears.

How will the arrears or arrears that arise with my existing supplier be processed?
After the end of gas collection and reporting of the current state of the gas meter, the current supplier will issue an invoice for the overpayment or arrears associated with the past gas collection. They will then pay the overpayment of these invoices in a bank or postal order. The total time for the payment of arrears and arrears is usually two months, which may vary according to your current supplier and the type of contract concluded.

How is she sweating in the deposits of a new supplier?
If you took it natural gas in the past, it will be sweaty in the deposit on the invoice for the previous year. This can, of course, be changed for a new supplier. You must report the change by e-mail or telephone. If you are going to engage in a new supply city without a history, it will be sweaty in your country according to the type of consumption used. During the term of the contract, it is possible to change the tasks.

Why should I close the dog for comparison and not go directly to the supplier?
The comparisons provide an overview of the current offers of individual suppliers in one place. You choose from the list of preferred vendors to which you want to be transferred. If you are not sure about the selection, you can contact trained specialists who will help you with the selection. In peace at home, you can study the individual business conditions of the supplier and the contract. The comparison for everything will look for the price, if you actually take cheap gas, and in the event that it becomes healthy or a suitable offer appears, we will contact you to transfer to another supplier.

How does a lonely probh change?
The change itself is only worthwhile. Do not replace the gas meter or the pipe. Both remain the same, belonging to the totidistributor in the area. You will not have to carry out construction rights on your current facility.

How is the difference between a distributor and a supplier?
In the Czech Republic there are a total of three distributors Prask plynrensk, RWE and EON. The individual distribution of land corresponds to the division of individual regions. The distributor owns the individual distribution system in the area and thus provides subsequent service. The supplier uses the distribution area of ​​the pipeline and the services of the distributor in order to be able to deliver gas to the final customer.

What is the price of gas?
The price is composed of a fixed fee, which is regulated by the Energy Regulatory Board (ER) and is different for each distribution country. It is the same for everyone regardless of the chosen supplier. Unregulated (approximately 80 percent of the total price) is different for individual suppliers and thus affects the total price, which in the final pay for gas consumption. Unregulated is thus fully within the competence of individual suppliers and is based on the total prices of the supplier’s strategy.

To whom is the gas pipeline crashed?
In the event of a gas line failure, always contact the gas distributor of the system in the area. Every night, even service repairs always go to the distributor. Therefore, in the total prices for gas consumption, about 20 percent is paid as regulated to the distributor.

How often do I have a vendor price?
How individual suppliers will change prices is very much to estimate. Pricing is one of the most classified information of the supplier and is influenced by a number of external factors, such as the current price of natural gas on the stock exchange, current natural gas supply of the supplier, etc. The price usually changes at the end of the calendar year. prices created by ER, to which the individual supplier reacts. The prerequisite for the change is when the dominant supplier in the given area changes its price. An alternative supplier also responds to this change. The price changes so often at the arrest or end of the heating season, that is April and October.

How much can you save?
When changing the supplier, in the case of gas, eight thousand crowns can be used in the case, the gas is heated and the water heated. The average dispute is five thousand crowns.

When changing suppliers, can I immediately rewrite the customer’s customer address?
If the customer is transferred to a new customer, we recommend that you take this step and switch to two after switching to a new supplier. Otherwise, the change would be extended by at least msc (deadline for specifying customer changes). All you have to do is send the documents to the new supplier to change the customer, and usually a rewrite will take place within the month.

How can I behave when I can offer a suitable contract to someone and a house?
Door-to-door sellers often use various unfair business practices, so you can easily commit to take gas for you for 10 years and for a premature termination of the contract, you will incur a high penalty fee. Therefore, we recommend not signing contracts under pressure and familiarizing yourself with the terms and conditions. For inspection, a specialized internet comparison is a good idea, where you can check whether the actual offer of the door-to-door seller is the most suitable.

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