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Expert: et teenagers ignore esk characters, they are not for n in

The youngest Czech generation enjoys shopping, giving priority to supranational features. Especially those who are massively promotional. esk characters are not good enough for many “nctilet”. The new esk and high-quality project wants to change that.

“The current teenager prefers to buy a European or non-quality domestic emblem based on the massive advertising of a multinational company,” said Vladimra Faltysov, director of the Czech and Quality project. He wants to help small and medium-sized producers change the attitudes of the Czech public.

Czech companies have quality products, produce goods that have a tradition. Often, however, Czech customers do not know this at all, because domestic manufacturers are unable to address customers first and cannot succeed in international competition, ”said Faltysov.

Are there any patriots when shopping?
They would like to be, but get involved in generan views. There is a large generation of memorabilia that goes back to patriotism, because you realize that we have quality products and features that had a history and could have a future. Then there is the young generation, who takes Czech characters in a retro style, because they remember them from childhood and from their parents. And finally, there is a large number of the youngest generation, who in principle takes Czech characters and products as a non-stop, especially consumer goods.

Is that why the youngest generation is?
We were also interested, so we did a survey among the centipedes. We have found that Czech characters are not enough “in” for many teenagers, and if the family buys them, call it socially weak. I think it’s an impulse to be mistaken. It will educate a generation of future consumers who will not have such a view of Czech characters and home products.

How zbo and how are the characters in the teenager according to the survey in the course?
In the case of vignette, the mark of origin on the packaging of the goods decides. They are primarily products from the USA and Great Britain, followed by Germany, France and Italy. It is mainly about goods, which is visibly a member of the style: buy me will belong to a better group.

But a number of these brands are made in, isn’t that a paradox?
Uring yes, the survey shows that it is the last place in the evaluation of quality, but it is not a decisive factor that would prevent the teenager to buy. This group often does not realize that their popular emblem, for example from the USA, is made first in this country.

What should manufacturers do to make it known to the youngest generation, but also to other customers?
They should pay more attention to how to address the message. They should know how the customer breeds, where he takes free time and what he needs for these activities. What suits him and what doesn’t. And what’s wrong with him. And the first thing to do should be marketing myths. It is not possible to make “something” and say that “someone” is buying in the store. Expensive advertising doesn’t work here either.

So what does it take me a lot, what is marketing first?
First we need to know what we are going to make and we need to realize that we are going to make it for our order and we need to know our order. It is also good to look at how it addresses the customers of the competition, how it adapts to them. The customer wants me and the producer to copy his breeding and adapt the products so that the customer’s saddle. The marketing manager should therefore cooperate with the development, production, sales and distribution departments of the company.

However, Czech companies will argue that they do not have a pension for marketing, that they had to cut costs due to economic problems and cancel marketing separately.
A number of companies have a negative marketing experience, because they did not use member marketing, but only advertising without the concept of what was left to retire. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive if it’s done right. It’s math. If you calculate the equation over time, it is clear that you are a customer of goods. The marketing department does not have to be large, often one hundred hunters. According to a survey conducted for us by STEM / MARK, which confirmed our many years of assumptions and experience, only a quarter of Czech companies have a marketing department and some combine this function with the sales department. We should not be surprised that the competition with multinational manufacturers of the Czech company does not stand.

For example, how could food producers show that they are of good quality?
They should be different from the competition and be transparent. If they have quality products, customers should know. At first glance, the packaging should indicate the visible composition of the product. If the composition is readable on the label so the chord with a magnifying glass, it is a mistake. Only then let’s put an attractive picture there.

How do you keep in mind that retailers force Czech manufacturers to supply them with goods at the lowest possible price?
I think that manufacturers should connect their lights and look together to find ways to get into retail chains at a price that is not liquidated for them and does not depend on the quality of the product. If they dictate to this dictate, they will get into the guaranteed circle, they will have to dream about the quality of the product and the customers will know it. Quality cannot be produced at a low price, the price must be equal to the quality. Each manufacturer does not have the opportunity to compensate the price by the volume of production.

However, we often decide to buy in a store mainly by price and do not take into account where the product comes from.
I think that each of us would like to buy the best goods for themselves and their children. But sometimes families don’t have it, then it cannot be condemned that you buy on quality.

Some manufacturers have now decided to boycott prices by dictating that they have withdrawn their products from the rules of large retailers. Do you think this is the first direction?
I think so. I just don’t know where the esk maker will take it. Multinational companies have incomparably huge marketing budgets, where they can afford to fill the rules even at low prices. Czech companies do not have their store signs, need to go to retail chains and present here a home sign that respects the quality and habits of Czech customers. However, it often happens that customers in a large area of ​​the hypermarket look for Czech characters and products to which they are accustomed, sometimes they do not find them at all.

Then we do not work the principle comes from, comes from the mind?
Me, especially in the younger generation. It’s a risk. Czech companies will have to learn marketing to think that their products will find their way to customers. When you can find a guide on how to get a Czech character and Czech products to the top position in the business chain, it will only be time.

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