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Expert: Stedn tda tame consumer lifestyle, invests in dt

So now, consumer breeding and more think about the future. According to the survey, 58 percent of Czech medium-sized households are tightening their belts due to the crisis, while they should be the drivers of consumption and the driving force of economic growth.

Changes in shopping habits are often reported in the survey “Wednesday in Europe – Barometer Cetelem 2012” conducted in 13 European countries, including the Czech Republic.

In Western Europe, however, it is worried that at the same time today it is the last one for which the rule that children will be better off. if they are optimistic according to the current probe.

“With us, we still keep going, when it will work more intensively, it will reach a certain position and improve life even. Stle v ns b engine and fixed mounted. Even though we often hear that honest work cannot be pasted again and thus achieved, ”to Jana Mykov, psychologist and shopping psychology expert at Factum Invenio.

As he adds, the Czech medium, however, strongly reflects my shopping habits. We shop more responsibly and smarter, we want quality goods and we can look at a suitable purchase.

European research suggests that it is now about to evaluate the consumer way of life. Is that really the case?
Definitely yes. After 1989, there was consumer freedom in our country that we could buy everything. Consumption rose sharply, people bought it for a living. Mt urit zbo, owning it and using urit services belonged to a certain social status. It was an external sign to determine the social position and visibility in the group to which they wanted to belong.

Over time, however, prices will increase, VAT will increase and wages will grow so that the real purchasing power decreases. What the consumer can manipulate is limited. We do not feel unlimited, we have the experience that disputes devalue inflation. We also have experience with various scams, when people were caught in the belief that they would succeed. This leads to a certain vigilance and the consumer now wonders more about how much consumption will dominate his life and the value of his life.

How does consumption make sense and how does u not?
The development of society is in some way based on the consumer way of life. At a time when you are consuming and producing more, more people are employed in the work process and therefore have more money to spend. This spiral then departs. Every company, every market has its limits. It is a question of how much they bother them, whether we are not on the edge, and it is necessary to welcome and evaluate. Because the impact of consumption and consumption is not only psychological and social, but also economic and ecological.

So for a hundred people in the store, when can I have many and better ones?
That’s right. For them, consumption, but it is a certain moderation of consumption. Now it manifests itself in such a way that families consider investing and think about buying for a long time. It doesn’t pay for it – it occurs to us today, we’re going to buy it soon. We probe the market over the Internet and find out where to buy more appropriately.

How does se nyn promote esk zkaznk?
Still, it turns out that people want to be patriots and look at Czech goods. The cases that have appeared recently, only exaggerate. It is also the fact that people expect that the cost of producing Czech goods will not be as high as ever.

For example, it is incomprehensible to them that imported fruit from abroad can be cheaper than domestic. By supporting domestic goods, they feel that they support our economy, although thanks to the fact that a number of domestic companies have foreign chapters behind them. They feel that it is made by us, from our raw materials, by our people, and fans of it.

According to the survey, 58 percent of people who report to Wednesday are required to tighten their belts. How does it affect the breeding trader?
Zan this is reflected in their pricing policy. They had to react to the tightened belt in such a way that the discounts are much more frequent and in a certain assortment the walking prices to the discounts fluently. The consumer has learned to take advantage of discounts and can find out in which business chain this goods will be available again.

It is not true that shopping at discounts is not enough for a certain group of consumers. She fell for it. People have also learned to use discount stores, which is one of the new trends. Go shopping there to save. And discount campaigns also support your advertising campaign. Show that it is appropriate to buy prices “trends”, that discounts are not only for the financially weak group of the population.

How can we expect changes in stores now?
I think that business chains are going the way of maintaining the assortment of interest. Terms of sale will be imposed with the willingness of the consumer to buy the goods.

Will traders be forced to discount, not only in discount promotions?
Prices are widely discussed among consumers. People from the phraninch area go shopping beyond the borders where prices are affordable. For us, the prices are set in a certain way and I think that it will be necessary to increase and evaluate this situation.

What will have to change on the Czech market in particular?
I see that the whole criticism he makes will need to be taken into account. Criticisms concern, for example, the quality of goods. People seem to be very obese, noting that they are somehow smart in the farm markets. Start looking at what is organic and what is farmed. Problems with food composition also occur. Especially the young generation, such as the mother of small children, watch her food and consider what children can buy. Price as such does not dominate it. We also monitor the country of origin, where the product came from and whether it can be traced. There is also a great criticism of the description of the product, including components, which are only wearable, which is not only a trader, but also a manufacturer. People also consider where to shop. Contribute to this case pebalovn prolbo zbo a pelepovn expiranch lht.

So now it’s time to start, he buys grocery food more efficiently, we drive. But don’t say on children. m it is?
Do not ride on children in the sense that they have a good bike, good tongues equipped, horseshoes and rings, to have a good view and prospects for a better future. However, it is an investment in the future as well – when children can work for a while, there is no danger that they will end up on the street. It is amplified that the company will not sink to the bottom. Any investment in distance learning is still in trend.

According to the survey, the Czech Republic often feels that it is not as expensive as in Western Europe. For u ns pevld such an opinion?
I think it’s a few years ahead of us. The impact of the crisis has disrupted something that they thought was safe and sound. For us, the company is still in a certain movement, it is not possible that we have it stabilized. At the present time, when the impact of the crisis and the uneven political situation on us, which is constantly in motion, we feel that it is going to develop in some way. Even as unemployment rises, people will still be able to reach a certain milestone they want. I am also optimistic and I believe that the social decline will not be so severe and the economy will start. Because if it mediumly disappears or there is a diameter from other countries, it will not benefit society.

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